Horse Riding in Alaska, USA

Alaska is the northernmost state in the USA and is the perfect place for a horseback riding adventure.

With its varied landscapes and striking vistas there are a number of options if you decide to go horse riding in Alaska.

Independent trails, resorts and ranches are all available, and due to its popularity, many places are now starting to offer horseback riding vacations.

Alaska is truly horse friendly and the terrain and wilderness of Alaska can make a trip to the state a truly remarkable riding holiday.

Alaska is definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Alaska State FlagAlaskan Facts

Alaska is the largest state in North America; separate from the rest of the USA mainland, its borders lie with Canada.

The area was bought from the Russians in 1867 for $7.2 million, and officially became a state in 1959. Juneau is the state capital city and has a population of just over 30,000 people.

Alaska enjoys a mixture of two climates; the subarctic ocean climate and the mid-latitude oceanic climate. The temperature varies vastly all over the country with average highs of 37°c and average lows of -50°c.

Breeds of Horse in Alaska

Riders who decide to go horse riding in Alaska will be spoilt for choice with the wide type of horses available.

There is an ancient myth stating that horses would never survive in Alaska because of the harsh conditions. This however is not true and the state is home to all types of horse breeds.

The most popular horses in Alaska are the Acapulco and Arabian horse breeds due to their endurance ability.

During summertime in Alaska you will see thousands of horses, while during the winter months horses can mostly be hired from equestrian centers all over the state.

Horse Shows & Equestrian Events in Alaska …

Alaska is home to a number of horse riding events each year.

Held mainly during the summer months, all equestrian events tend to be in co-operation with the Alaska State Horse Shows Inc. (ASH)

Competitive events for horse riding in Alaska include dressage, hunting, western, jumping and gymkhanas.

There are separate events for youngsters as well as for adults, and the events usually begin in June with the finals taking place in September.

All money raised at an ASH event goes towards the Alaskan horse schools.

Top Equestrian Centers in Alaska …

There are a number of equestrian centers for horse riding in Alaska.

William Clark Equestrian Center

One of the top centers is the William Clark Equestrian Center. Located in Anchorage, this center has been in operation for a number of years. The center not only teaches people to ride horses, but it also holds an annual horse show.

Mecca Equestrian Center

Another top equestrian center is the Mecca Equestrian Center. Located in Redmond, this riding center teaches riders of all levels and encourages riders to try something new whether it is Western riding or Hunting.

Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures

Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures – 907-595-1806

35090 Quartz Creek Road, Cooper Landing, Alaska 99572

FOR THE BEST BACK COUNTRY EXPERIENCE. With rare permits for the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Horsemen will take you into special areas of Alaska, where very few people have ever been.

Alaska Map - Horse Riding in Alaska

Horse riding in Alaska is definitely something to try al least once in your lifetime.

The terrain is varied, the views are spectacular and riding in Alaska is like nothing you have ever imagined.

With its large number of riding schools, and the wide variety of places that can only be explored on horseback, horse riding in Alaska is a horseback riding vacation you will never forget.

A fantastic equestrian adventure.