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Local Riding can help you find somewhere to ride, help improve your riding skills or to learn a new equestrian discipline.

Show Jumping

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Everything from show jump fences & obstacles to stride distances and correct rein releases. Use our show jumping section to increase your knowledge and improve your jumping ability.


Dressage Riding at the Olympic Games

From British Dressage competition rules, to a few dressage secrets and a look at some top class dressage horses. Get dressage tips and training for you and your dressage horse

Equestrian Eventing

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A look at the cross country, show jumping and dressage sections of equestrian event riding. The one day event (ODE) and the three day event (3DE). The heights of obstacles & proper equestrian attire.

Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds & Types of Horse

Experienced horse owners learn to recognise many horse breeds by their conformation. If you’re new to buying a horse you need to know about breed characteristics and what horse breed is suitable for the type of riding you want to do.

Horse Health

Horse Health - Healthy Pregnant Mare

Horse health should be a part of your ongoing equine education for as long as you own or ride a horse. Get to know the basics of good conformation, how your horses hoof works, and how equine parasites and worms can affect your horses breathing and digestive system.

Horse Training

Schooling in the Arena - Local Riding Equestrian Community

Practice & Training are what it takes for equestrians to succeed. Taking the time to build sound equine knowledge and be patient enough to invest in the time it takes to learn. Horse and rider training are an essential part of horse riding

Connect With Local Horse Riders & Owners

Local Riding is all about horses’ and horse riding

It’s about horse health, horse riding tips, horse care and finding good quality horse stuff easily. It’s about showing off your horse and letting other equestrians know what you’re doing and how you do it. Use Local Riding to learn what horse type or breed is best suited to you, learn how to care for your horse and where you can ride it.

The popularity of horse riding increases every year and there are over 4.3m horse riders in the UK; and over 9.2 million horses in the USA. will help you find equestrian facilities in your local area.

Horse Shows & Equestrian Events

Use our Riding Diary & Equestrian Events Calendar to find local horse shows & major equestrian events. Stay up-to-date with what’s available in the world of equine competition.

The Pony Club - Horse Shows & Equestrian Events
Three Counties Showground - Horse Shows & Equestrian Events
Bath & West Horse Shows & Equestrian Events
Royal Windsor Horse Shows & Equestrian Events
Lincolnshire Horse Shows & Equestrian Events

We’ll help you plan your competition season & help make sure you get to the horse shows and equestrian events you want to compete in.

Horse Riding ... If You love with your horse?
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Enjoy Your Horse Riding

Cross Country Jumping in Equestrian Eventing
Top Class Affiliated Show Jumping
Charles le Moignan Winning at Lincolnshire Show
Showing Classes at Yorkshire Showground

Whatever you do with your horse, make sure you enjoy it and whether you compete or are happy just hacking out, make sure your horse enjoys it to.

Do What You love & Have Fun

Riding in Fancy Dress for Red Nose Day
Riding a  Cross Country Water Obstacle
Cross Country Jumping at Osberton
Winning the Dressage at Buckminster ODE

Learn & understand what your horse likes to do and you’ll enjoy spending time with them. Make your horse riding fun and your horse will enjoy spending time with you.

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Local Horseback Riding Facilities

Discover the fantastic range of horse riding activities and equestrian facilities in the UK and America.

From livery stables to horse camps; equestrian centres to trail rides and boarding stables, rodeo and riding lessons. All local to you.

Horse Riding in English Equestrian Counties
Horse Riding in Scottish Equestrian Counties
Local Horse Riding in Wales
Horseback Riding in the USA

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