Entertaining Horse Games & Puzzles

Think you know horses then test your horse knowledge with our online equestrian quiz.

If you believe you and your friends have the answers to questions like … Do you know what a fetlock is? What does Robert Whitaker do? Who is Charles le Moignan? When should you use a double bridle? How many ribs does an Arab horse have?

Yes, well take the quiz and share your results on Facebook or Twitter, to declare whether you’re an equine schoolmaster or a complete novice.

Or if you prefer a more graphical challenge why not try our horse games & puzzles.

Try your hand at solving our sliding puzzles our local rider jigsaw puzzles and our beginner or advanced equestrian word search.

They’re great for Horse Camp challenges. Particularly the word search and jigsaws which have timers for you to measure each others performance.

equestrian word search iconEquestrian Word Search Puzzle

Try finding the equestrian terms in our word puzzle. It’s never the same twice and if the beginner is too easy just wait till you try the advanced.

Great for expanding your equestrian knowledge. When you find most words a meaning will be displayed at the bottom of the puzzle.

Equestrian Word Search Instructions :

  • Click Play to Start
  • The puzzle will open with the word grid on the left and the words to find on the right
  • Search the grid and when you spot a word click on the first letter and drag the cursor to the end of the word
  • If you’re correct sound will play and the word will be removed from the list
  • Continue searching until you’ve found all the words
  • Tip for the Equestrian Word Search: Keep an eye on the clock at the bottom right. This is a timed puzzle
  • Words in the Advanced Puzzle appear in all directions – Up Down Left Right & Diagonally
Equestrian Word Search

equestrian jigsaw puzzle iconEquestrian Jigsaw Puzzles

Try to complete our equestrian jigsaw puzzles in the best time you can. It’s a simple click & drag puzzle and you can select different images from the drop-down menu

Equestrian Jigsaw Puzzle Instructions :

  • Click enter to start
  • Choose an image using the drop-down menu above the image display. Current categories include People, Showing and XC Jumping
  • Wait for the system to create the puzzle
  • Now just click and drag the pieces next to each other to build the picture.
  • Click on the key icon at the top right to select different puzzles to try.

We’ll keep adding new puzzles for you to try when you return. Click button to open the fullscreen version

Equestrian Jigsaw Puzzle

We Can’t All Own Horses …

We all enjoy horses but many of us can’t afford to own and care for one, but we still want to experience the joy of horses.

Well our horse games and puzzles will help you learn about horses and acquire equestrian knowledge. It’s a little harder but more productive than sitting clicking your spacebar.

But if that’s what you’re looking for the we suggest searching for Charger Escape and Penny’s Courageous Ride. They’re horse games that will help you learn a little while you play.

Horse Game - Charger Escape

Charger Escape is a free online horse game that challenges players to help Charger the horse escape from her stable and become a winged Pegasus.

The game begins with Charger locked in her stable and players must find the key that unlocks the barn door, click on carrots and apples to feed Charger, and move around the surrounding fields to find the necessary clues to become a unicorn or winged Pegasus.

Horse Game - Charger Escape

Penny’s Courageous Ride is a free interactive virtual horse game that focuses on Felicity, a young girl living in the time of the British rule in America.

The British government discovers her brother Ben, wants to join the Patriot army and fight the British, so Ben runs away. Felicity must use her horse to find and save her brother, who is injured and hiding in the woods. Players train Felicity’s horse to jump obstacles, such as barrels, posts and bales of hay.