The Dressage Saddle. Its Benefits & Use

The Dressage Saddle benefits & use

The Dressage Saddle is designed to help the dressage rider adopt the most centrally balanced seat while performing the movements of a Dressage test.

Uniquely positioned stirrup bars ensure the rider sits in the correct dressage position.

Achieving better performance and allowing free movement of the horse beneath the rider.

Dressage saddles have a deep seat and the flaps are cut straight.

This design helps the rider sit deeply into the saddle and provides close contact with the horse.

The Dressage Saddle

This close contact allows the rider to give the horse precise instructions using finely tuned movements of the riders body, seat and legs.

The deeper seat of the dressage saddle allows the rider to adopt a better position for dressage and flatwork.

Some dressage saddles are fitted with extra long stirrup bars so that the rider can achieve a better ear, hip and heel position.

The straighter flap allows the horse to move more freely and shows more of the horses shoulder.

The long dressage girth straps found on dressage saddles mean the girth is buckled up below the line of the saddle flap and not underneath the riders leg.

This allows the rider to get their legs much closer to the horse

Be sure to consider all your saddle options and make sure you choose the correct size and type for the sort of work you want your horse to do.