6 Simple Dressage Tips to Avoid Losing Basic Dressage Points

Dressage Tips - training and schooling for points

Winning those Basic Dressage Points … Use our 6 basic dressage points tips to make sure you never lose easy points when performing basic dressage movements.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than losing points on dressage movements that involve nothing more technical than halting straight or moving in a straight line.

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Use these dressage training tips for gaining those extra dressage points.

Follow them and focus on the basic dressage movements that all dressage riders really should do well.

Dressage Tips #1 … Ride a straight centre line
  • The centre line presents an opportunity for a cheap mark in a dressage test.
  • You can get the same potential mark in a Prelim test as you can in a Prix St Georges, so you are wasting a mark if you do not get it right.
If you can ride down the centre line, halt at X, proceed to C, turn left or right, ride the corner and receive 10 marks for the movement, then your horse is ready for Grand Prix dressage and you will certainly winReiner Klimke
Dressage Tips #2 … Do your homework
  • The more preparatory work you do prior to your dressage test will help ensure straightness
  • Use exercises such as lateral work to develop balance, and school movements such as serpentines to define circles and lines
Dressage Tips #3 … Practice Straight Lines
  • Ride straight lines away from the outside track, so you are not relying on the arena wall or fence to keep you straight
Dressage Tips #4 … Position, position, position
  • Check your position … are you sitting centred in the saddle, with your weight evenly distributed?
  • Do you have even rein and leg pressure? You may be inadvertently asking your horse to drift off the centre line with your aids.
  • Look past the marker you are heading to. If you are turning left at A, look slightly to the left of A and you will get a smoother turn.
Dressage Tips #5 … Don’t panic
  • Forget about getting your horse in an outline and don’t ‘waggle’ the reins.
  • The dressage judge is ahead of you, and they will notice a crooked centre line far more than they will notice a poor outline.
Dressage Tips #6 … Ride actively forward
  • A slower pace offers more opportunities for crookedness. Keep going forward.
  • Look up, look ahead, breathe deeply and smile, smile smile.
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