Caistor Equestrian Centre

Caistor Equestrian Centre is your new equestrian experience in North Lincolnshire

Caistor Equestrian Centre Equestrian Facilities

Our brand new development encompasses all the facilities required for equestrian training and competitions.

Our friendly riding school, livery yard and competition centre is designed to offer quality equestrian activities to all levels and abilities, from complete beginners to the more advanced riders.

Situated in Caistor just 25 minutes from Lincoln City Centre and only 20 minutes from Grimsby and Scunthorpe we are ideally positioned for easy access from anywhere in North Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and beyond.

  • Water Obstacle at Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Cross Country at Caistor Equestrian Centre

Caistor Equestrian Centre Facilities Include

  • Competition sized (75m x 25m) indoor arena
  • Interconnecting international sized 70m x 45m
  • Floodlit outdoor show jumping arena.
  • Extensive cross country course which is available to hire all year round.

The Caistor Equestrian cross country course boasts a large variety of fences including a water complex and a bank obstacle.

Fences are built to British Eventing height standards, with 30 jumps available at BE novice, BE pre novice and BE intro level. In addition there are 30 fences measuring below 60 cm

ACTIVITIES at Caistor Equestrian Centre

Special activities are arranged every day during the school holidays, including …

Birthday parties catered for and excellent hacking facilities on our own private farmland.

Also long hacks following the Lincolnshire Wolds Bridleways.


Caistor Equestrian Centre offers Full, Working and DIY Livery services.

CONTACT : Jo Struthers (Yard Manager)

Caistor Equestrian Centre, Moor Farm, Moor Lane, Caistor, Lincolnshire, LN7 6SD

Tel: 07931 766207

Comments for Caistor Equestrian Centre

Caistor Combined Training by: Debbie
Great fun competing in the Caistor combined training classes last weekend. 2nd in both the 70 & 80cm jumping. loved every minute of it.
Competing at Caistor Equestrian Centre combined training Debbie & Winnie competing at Caistor EC combined training

cec is a good riding school by: matty
I know CEC is a good riding school, as i ride there. My favourite horse to ride is Joe, as he is calm, and forward going. He also helped me to build my riding confidence.
I go down to Caistor regularly to help out, the staff are great, and i get to learn new things.

Not good by: Anonymous
Went for a look around as I wanted to start riding again.Seemed very disorganised. Not enough experienced or interested staff. Was left to walk round facilities on my own and left without making a booking.

connor, and the rest by: Lydia Connor-Parton
i am going there on sunday the 13 february e-mail me if you are or you just want to chat about ponies ON!!
i really want to pass my test to be able to help and i cant wait till sunday!!!! (;)

ACE HORSES by: ace caistor
caistor is the best place you could ever be i have being riding about 5 years now the best horse is misty she is vert nice and frendly
thankyou misty xxxxxxxxxxx

Caistor EC is cool !!! by: Kimberley
I think that caistor is a great riding school for young and older students and I would reccommend going there.

Awesome! by: Becky!!!
Caistor Equestrian Centre is awesome I help there and ride Scout a lot!! All the instructors are super friendly and so are the horses! Caistor is the best!

amazing riding school (YY] by: aleeex beladi :)
ive been riding at caistor for nearly 5 years now :)
and its amazing; all the instructers are really good and nice and all the people there too; the facileties are amazing; and the hunter trains and night sj and xc are really good.

Loving It by: Horse Crazy
I have been riding at Caistor for nearly a year. I ride on Tinkerbell and Megan and they are so awsome. xxxxx

ace by: bethany brett
i think that caistor equestrian centre is ace. my favourite horse is chocky. i cant wait untill i can help. Esme is the best asesment teacher ever, she helped me to do loads of stuff and now i find it really easy!!! the techers arent too pushy and they teach you slowly! i love going to caistor!!

loving it by: sophie
i love riding here its amazing all of the teachers are great and all of the horses are fabbie i love custard extra tho she is fabulous i love her soo much thanks custard xxx

Evening ShowJumping Competitions by: Jo
Evening Showjumping
Thursday 18th September & Thursday 16th October 2008.
Full schedule available on website

Caistor Hunter Trial by: Jo
Caistor Equestrian Centre Hunter Trial
Sunday 12th Oct 2008
Full schedule available on website

The fab riding school by: Sophie Freer
Caistor riding school is a fun place to learn to ride! and the instructors are realy friendly.

The horses are always great to learn on!

They correct you with the right size horse.

The leaders are realy fun to learn with to.

Its also got an indoor school and an outdoor school which are both clean and tidy.

I know Holly sargant and Jenny . It realy is a fun place to learn so if you fancy a ride come to castior

Thanks for making it a great place to learn!

The best by: lydia
Caistor riding school, is the best you do different events like, showjumping, cross country, own your own pony. Its probably the best riding school i have been too i give them rate five cause its the best. I dont own a pony at my house but thats why i go riding beacause i love horses, and i love riding.

Amazing by: lil Riderr
I Go To caistor equestrian center to ride and to help out and i apsolutly love it they ahve taught me everything from stable managment to showjumping and cross counrty i love it very much and i love all the people there they are so kind i will always love it there and they have come so far caistor eqestrian center is an upgoing business its great

Freya Lil Roder

The best ever! by: Holly Sargent
I go to caistor riding stables, and it is amazing! Its much better than the one i was at before…
I love all the horses & ponies there, and the instructors are so very friendly!Its breath-taking!!!

kl by: Anonymous
i ride at caistor and i am riding meloni for the first time she is so cute.

Official Opening Day by: Jo
Caistor Equestrian Centre Official Opening Day Sunday 1st June 9.30am till 5pm

Lots going on including childrens show, dressage and show jumping displays, pony & trap rides, and demonstrations.

Everyone welcome.

YAY by: Anonymous
I ride ciaro hes ace. ^^. I wanna buy him LOL

hello by: Anonymous
your a great person jo

great fun by: I love horses
it is great fun at caistor hunter trials and equestrian centre.

Cool by: Emy
Hey i love that pony!!!!!!!!1

Worth a journey by: Laura
Caistor Equestrian Centre is a course approximately 20 minutes away from where I am. I have jumped this course over the last several years, each year they try to change things. Last autumn there was a huge difference. They moved jumps around, you jumped the course a different route to normal, and they added quite a few new jumps.

This course is fantastic for novice horses and/or riders. I love the open. There were quite a few large jumps which were quite testing, the parallel being one of my personal favourites!

Fair enough some of the jumps aren’t brand new pony club condition but personally I found the open here one of the most challenging courses in this area, it gave you something to think about. Whereas I have found most Pony Club courses quite a doddle!

The water complex definitely gave you something to ride for. There are many combinations through whichever route taken but the open route isn’t for the faint hearted which was then related to a large wooden hutch/house fence, related to the parallel.

The mound in the paddock area is awesome! Many routes to bear in mind and again, the open is not for the faint hearted! My horse has bags of confidence and will tackle anything but I must admit, my legs didn’t move off his sides doing that!

Last but not least…. it was organised really well, it ran smoothly and the classes were quick and not dragged on forever and a day. The staff there were ever so friendly and helpful, not in the slightest snobby like alot of other courses I have been to!

Caistor Equestrian Centre is definitely the friendliest course in this area!

next events by: Sheila
Love the photos of your cross country course, in the gallery, when’s your next event as can’t find one in the events dairy. Would love to come and have ago round your cross country course it looks fantastic.

lovely horses by: Tracey
Grt tuition and the horses are lovely and very well cared for xx

its fab by: cool kid
I ride at Caistor and they have taught me everything. i go competing all the time and the hunter trials there are gr8 fun!!!

Excellent Course by: Jacqui
Wonderful cross country course and really good time had at the last event. Terrific pics in the image gallery. can’t wait to appear myself sometime.

i love it by: Anonymous
i ride there all the time. its really fun. i love competing in the hunter trials. the horses are really friendly and loverly to ridev

I love Caistor EC by: Casey
i ride there all the time, its great fun. the new equestrian centre will be great. i love competing in the hunter trials.

Caistor Equestrian Centre, North Lincolnshireby Jo Struthers (Yard Manager)