XC Eventing Obstacle Heights

XC Eventing Obstacles & Training the Event Horse

The obstacles in the modern cross country phase of international equestrian eventing are still a superb test of endurance.

Unusual XC Eventing Obstacles

Even though you are just as likely to come across a jump representing a pile of mushrooms; a pair of parked cars or a boat; as you are a large hedge or a wide ditch.

The heights and levels detailed below apply to the top levels of affiliated eventing competitions.

However, there are a great many junior or local one day and three day events that are run without affiliation and that determine their cross country obstacle heights based on their own equipment and pre-built obstacles.

Maximum XC eventing obstacle heights for relevant equestrian eventing grades and levels.
Cross Country PhaseClass / LevelMax Fence Height
Introhorses with no points0.90m
Pre Novicehorses with no points1.00m
Open Pre Novicehorses with some points1.00m
Novicehorses with up to and including 20 pts1.10m
Open Novicehorses with over 20 pts1.10m
Intermediate NoviceGrade II horses with less than 46 pts or for Grade III horses1.10m
IntermediateGrade II & III horses with up to 60pts1.15m
Open Intermediateopen to all grades1.15m
Advanced Intermediateopen to all grades1.20m
Advancedopen to Grade I & II horses1.20m

Table 3.BE. Cross Country Eventing Obstacles

The event rider should check eventing competition schedules closely

Always ensure you and your horse are comfortable with the xc eventing obstacles and heights being used; and that you are confident both you and your horse can complete the xc course.