Willow Farm Riding School – Thorpe Fendykes Skegness

Willow Farm Thorpe Fendykes Skegness by Sue Evans (Willow Farm Skegness)

Willow Farm - Skegness

Willow Farm – Skegness

An ABRS, BHS and Pony Club Approved Riding Centre, Willow Farm is a friendly family run yard which offers lessons for children 3yrs old and upwards to teenagers and adults wishing to train for Exams and NVQ Awards.

15 acre site with two all weather rubber surfaces, gymkhana lanes and showjumps. Local hacking along green lanes and tracks.

Half hour child lesson £10 / Half hour Adult lesson £11 / One Hour child lesson £17 / One Hour Adult lesson £20

Willow Farm ClientWe never teach in groups exceeding 4 riders!

All teaching staff are BHSAI or ABRSITA Qualified. Top 10 ABRS UK school for exam results 2007.

Fun Days 10-4pm every Friday £30 (Pony Club members £25)

Pony Club meets fortnightly on a Monday after school £4 each session and Every Saturday afternoon 4-5pm for Bronze / Silver / Gold Training £4 each session.

Diploma / NVQ Courses Level 1,2 and 3 in Animal Care and Management. Level 1 and 2 in Horse Care and Riding.

Diploma Courses are free to Under 19yrs and Level 3 free to Under 21yrs.

Course leaflets available on request. Students start Sept and will finish June (except Level 3 which is 2 years).

All Courses are 2 days per week, but are usually over-subscribed, so please make your enquiries early.

Call us on 01754 830316 for a free brochure or come and look round and meet the ponies and staff anytime.

Contact Details: call in or call for details :

Willow Farm
Thorpe Fendykes
Skegness, Lincolnshire
PE24 4QH

Telephone : 01754 830316.
E-mail : willowfarmhols@aol.com

Comments for Willow Farm Thorpe Fendykes Skegness

staff and ponies by: Anonymous
Willow farm is the best riding school ive been to ive been going there for 6 months and ive learned so much. The ponies there are so kind and great so nice to see and Coral has got to be the best. My instructor is so funny and socialable and easy to talk to. I always enjoy my lesson <3

WILLOW FARM 4 ME by: stephen pilcher
I used to go to willow farm every week, i cant believe the bad comments, i have now moved to Northampton and hope i find a riding school as good as Willow Farm,

I have no bad comments to make, the girls were lovely, they helped me out when i neede help, Vicky and Zoe were my riding teachers and they were great too, and Sue is the lady who owns the riding school she is a really lovely lady and i miss them all very much.

The pony club camp is a must and lots of fun, worth every penny. i miss you guys lots. xxx

Biddy by: Jess
I got my first pony from this riding school (Biddy) little chestnut mare, she was great… this was 16yrs ago! I found a picture of us only yesterday at our first show :)

great place by: stephen

Riding holiday by: Anonymous
I have just got back from my riding holiday.

Sue (the owner) was very moody and unapproachable.

What happened to the all day ride – I thought I would get to ride in a river, like in the brochure and we didn’t get to spend any time at the heavy horse centre like I expected and the t-shirts were paid extra for didn’t say “Summer Camp 2011” as advertised.

We didn’t milk the goats or handle the gecko like we were promised. The B&B guests got a great breakfast – wish i could have had theirs!

Good marketing, shame it didn’t live up to expectations. Next year, I’ll look for somewhere else.

riding holiday by: Anonymous
Beth and Louise are brill and the riding was ace but
the meals were poor and the shower was cold. A hot drink now and again would have been nice.

Grown ups opinion! by: Anonymous
I used to go to willow farm as a child (i’m now 27!) it was a lovely, genuine place then and seems to be just as nice now.

Nice to hear that bertie & Towney are still there – if you think they’re cool now you should have seen them as youngsters!

I did work experience there, went for several holidays & really got to know them. If you have any doubts in your mind about whether or not to send your child to willow farm, cast them aside – it is a great place.

I will be sending my kids there if Sue is still doing holidays for kids in years to come. Does anyone remember Biddy? She WAS ace x

Not great by: Anonymous
Nice horses but I wonder about some of the other animals, bald chickens etc. I was told they were ex-battery but I was pre-warned before my visit and know this is not true.

The riding was enjoyable and they did accommodate for extra lessons but the owner (or who I was told was the owner) wasn’t that easy to talk to about them (I found her rather abrupt almost rude).

I’m sure there are friendlier riding schools out there and I will be looking elsewhere when I book other lessons.

The Best! by: Tasha
I love Willow Farm! Pure and simple, it’s an amazing place to ride, my fave ponies are Towney, Bertie and Coral (especially Towney <3 x) but Mickey, Cindy and Robbie are awesome jumpers!! It is the best Riding School ever, if you want an awesome holiday, or somewhere to have lessons Willow Farm is the Place for you. The staff are friendly, the ponies are great as are the lessons 5 stars all round!! :)

Willow Farm :) by: Alisha Smith
I think willow farm is the best riding school ever, all the ponies are brillant and no matter what anyone says it is an amazing place to ride. The lessons are always fun and stormy is one of my favourite ponies there, he is nice to ride.

Pony club is so fun and we do a lot of great stuff.xxxxx

Willow Farm Riding School Amazing by: Sam
I love Willow Farm and all the staff are nice and i like turning out ponies and I like all the ponies also I love Towney and Bertie and i like the name tags on their stable doors and i like the tackroom and i also like the goats.

Willow Farm Riding School by: Sam Clark
Willow Farm is a Good riding school and you have nice new stables and all the ponies are nice and I love my best pals ever Towney and Bertie XXXXXXX and i liked the end of summer show!

Great Staff by: lucy
The staff are friendly and don’t rush you. The perfect riding school.

Riding Holiday by: Hannah
I would give it 5 stars but I’m 15 and have been riding 5 yrs, and there was a 9, and a 10 year old on the same holiday, doing the same lessons, who hadn’t yet been riding 2 years and were very nervous riders, so we never got to do anything very sophisticated in lessons.

Now, onto the positive stuff.

Bertie is AMAZING <3. He may be 13.1hh and 21yrs old, but he's still a speedy gonzales and bareback was really fun. We even snuck in a canter in the musical drill ride. :) Cindy is really fun to ride and a nice jumper. Townie is a brilliant guy! You’d never believe he was 21, coz we beat all the others in mounted games and he can still Canter with tight turns. :) I’d love to go back, and can’t wait till next year. – the evening activities were well good too. Love you Bertie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

willow farm rocks by: Alisha
Willow farm is the best riding school ever xx

willow farm by: rebecca
willow farm rocks

ha by: jamie p
willow farm is the best riding school ever iv know the team for ten years and sue is like my second mum, i dont get there as much as i would like but when im there its like im home =)

AND for savannah brownlow if all you could do in 6 mounths was rising trot then you must be a slow learner

I love Willow Farm by: Saffron
I love Willow Farm! It’s the best, the staff are really nice and the ponies are lovely. It’s amazing I absolutly adore the place the ponies rule especially coral <3

Willow Farm! by: Natasha Smith
Willow Farm is a brilliant riding school, all the ponies are gorgeous and well cared for by all the Staff. It’s like being part of an extended family!! Every lesson is enjoyable and you always have fun learning about horses. Pony Club is brilliant too and always fun! I look forward to my riding lesson every week, and I am always sad when it’s over, but look forward to the next!!!
Love all the Ponies. Jess and Coral rule!

I love willow farm! by: Daisy
willow farm is the best riding school i have been to and the staff are really lovely. They give the best care for their ponies and nothing less! every lesson is exciting, fun and you learn something new each time :) … i love bertie! x

Best yard ive been to by: Kerry
Willow Farm is an excellent yard that i have been involved with since 1999.
They offer excellent tuition and ALL animals are looked after fantastically.
The staff are all brilliant and couldnt ask for a better yard, my only fault is that i dont live closer to the farm!!
Keep up the good work everyone!!

Willow Farm by: Natasha Hartke
i love Willow Farm – been on the holiday every May since 2005, all the ponies and people are really lovely and it’s a great family atmosphere because everyone there is really welcoming. plus, i learnt loads and improved on my riding alot because of the Willow Farm hols!! xxxxxxxxx

:P by: Zara:]
Willow Farm is brill,, it doesn’t rush you into anything, lets you learn in your own time. I love the place, the ponies there are awsome, all so sweet and all having they’re own special personality. Who ever says that it not very good, must not now desent teaching. The staff are all friendly and always there if you need to ask questions. They offer so much there, it just can’t be beaten in my eyes :]. Jeannie has got to be one of the most loved ponies there, as she is such a character :P < shes my fav.

WF by: Kirsty
I love Willow Farm, everyone is really friendly & makes you feel welcome. The ponies & animals are awesome (especially Cindy & Bert)! I wish I didn’t live so far away :(

Willow farm is great! by: jen
willow farm is great!!..they are very professional and good at their job, they offer a wide selection of activities and the staff are very friendly, always happy 2 help x

value for money by: Jayne
You cant get a better friendly team than those at Willow Farm. Have you not seen how many activites and things they have to offer. The prices’s are very reasonable and best of all they love and care about what they are doing and the animals always come first.

fab! by: mum of 2
My son and daughter have both had lessons at Willow Farm. I think the staff and lessons are fab! The children have done so well, they love the ponies especially Storm, Poppy and Bonnie! The staff are really good at keeping the kids interested and not just plodding round the school. The children enjoy the excercises and it seems to give them real confidence too.

Best Riding School! by: Amy B
Willow Farm is THE best riding school I have worked at. There is no other place I have worked that has cared so much for the ponies. It shows when rather than getting rid of old ponies they have been kept and cherished! The staff are always helpful and Sue has put so much effort into training the staff and all the exams and events they now hold! All the children are so well looked after and taught in small groups and are helped with stable management not just actual riding. Well done Willow Farm! *****

Fantastic by: Linda
I have nothing but praise for the staff and facilities at Willow Farm.

Amazing instruction, fab ponies, friendly and knowledgeable staff all set in a great location.

Keep up the good work.

:-) by: Anonymous
Haha i think it is funny – savannah.m.brownlow says how Willow Farm showed her Compassion for horses and i remember her she was sooo scared the poor instructors had to put up with alsorts from her LOL
Willow farm rocks! FACT

The Best! by: Matthew
I think Willow Farm is awesome!! My Fav pony is Popcorn because he is little like me! I have fun in my lessons and cant wait for the next one

;D by:
Willow farm is awesomeeeeee :] The horses are amazing, the staff are some of the best people ever, and its just generally a great place to be :]

Great yard by: Anonymous
Lots of lovely ponies and the smaller animals on the farm, goats, chickens, rabbits etc make it good for those not that into horses (like me).

The kids always seem to have a big smile on their face at the end of the lesson/holiday week. A great atmosphere for kids, and the instructors are a pleasure to know. Comes highly recommended from me!

Willow farm is great by: Amelia
Willow farm is great the ponies are brill, the stables are nice and the people and instrutors are the best ever !!!!! I think willow farm is the best horse riding school i hae ever been to !!!!!!

Look at this comment by: savannah brownlow
You all say willow farm is gr8 but little do u no the truth i spent 6 months there and only did rising trot so i left because i needed to move on with my riding

so willow farm is rubbish and the instructors have no idea what they are doing!!

:) by: Chloe Watts
Yay! I love willow farm, its like one big happy family! The horses and ponies are georgeous and horse riding there is great! xxxxxxxx

I luv willow farm by: savannah
Willow Farm shows children like me how to show some compassion to ponies and horses

WOW by: Anonymous
Really nice instructors!!! Lovely ponies cant wait to go again