William Fox Pitt Equestrian Event Rider

William Fox-Pitt Equestrian Event Rider

With a background steeped in horses, William Fox Pitt inevitably chose an equestrian career.

His mother was a member of the British three day event team and his father completed Badminton and Burghley.

Both William’s sisters have represented Britain at junior and young rider level and his brother is a polo player.

William Fox-Pitt is a product of the British equestrian youth system having won medals at Junior and Young Rider European Championships.

Sir Michael Turners Chaka gave William his first taste of Senior success following a 7th at Badminton and subsequent selection for the 1993 European Championships.

William Fox-Pitt - Event Rider

In 2003, after having to withdraw his best horse before the cross country at Badminton, he finally won the famous trophy in 2004.

Producing a superb performance on Tamarillo to clinch the only major UK event to have eluded him following previous wins at Burghley, Blenheim, Bramham and Gatcombe.

Having first experienced the Olympic atmosphere in Atlanta in 1996 as a member of the British team that finished fifth, William missed out on selection for Sydney four years later but has since built up a formidable string of top class horses.

William Fox-Pitt was selected for the British Olympic team in Athens and was one of the favourites to take the individual gold meda.

But; luck deserted him as Tamarillo had to be withdrawn after the cross-country phase due to a minor injury. He did, nevertheless, return home with a team silver medal to add to his numerous international honours, which include five European team gold medals and a World team bronze from Jerez in 2002.

Although 2003 was dominated by Pippa Funnell’s Grand Slam, William enjoyed tremendous success, winning the World Cup qualifiers at Chatsworth and Thirlestane, Bramham International Horse Trials and Luhmuhlen international three day event in Germany.

William is married to television racing presenter Alice Plunkett, with whom he lives in Dorset. They have two sons; Oliver who was born in 2005 and Thomas who was born in 2006.

In August he finished first and second in the British Open Championships at Gatcombe Park to secure the title of National Champion.

And in September was part of the gold medal winning British team at the European Championships, finishing eighth individually on Moon Man after making a brilliant recovery when the horse stumbled in one of the water complexes.

He finished the year by winning the international three day event at Boekelo in Holland with Tom Cruise and was ranked number two in the world behind Pippa Funnell.

2004 William was part of the Olympic team that took a silver medal in the Team Eventing section.

2005 was Williams best season to date – four three day event wins, British Open Champion, winner of the inaugural BE Premier League, world ranked number two and top of the British national rankings, and individual silver and team gold at the Blenheim European Championships.

William fox-pitt - Event rider

2007 and William Fox-Pitt wins the four star Burghley horse trials for the fourth time. Just pipping New Zealands Andrew Nicholson who dropped the final fence in the final round of the showjumping phase.

2008 In the Beijing Olympics, William Fox-Pitt rode Mrs Judy Skinner and Mr Michael Payne’s Ballincoola, Mr. Philip Adkins Parkmore Ed or The Hon Finn & Mary Guinness’s Tamarillo.

William Fox Pitt a selection of his eventing results and achievements …
2008 :
  • Leading rider in the UK
  • Winner of the HSBC FEI Classics
  • 1st Le Lion CCI * (Oslo)
  • 2nd British Breeding Championships – 6 yr old (Lionheart)
  • 6th Boekelo CCI *** (Navigator)
  • 1st & 2nd Burghley CCI **** (Tamarillo and Ballincoola)
  • 12th & team Bronze 2008 Olympics (Parkmore Ed)
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th Blair CCI ** & * (Cool Mountain, Corofin Flyer & Bay Tokay)
  • 3rd Badminton CCI**** 2008 (Ballincoola)
  • 18th Badminton CCI**** 2008 (Tamarillo)
  • 1st Ballygraffan CIC** 2008 (Cool Mountain)
  • 19th Ballygraffan CIC** 2008 (Bee Animas)
  • 1st Ballygraffan CIC* (Oslo)
  • 3rd Ballygraffan CIC* (Corofin Flyer)
  • 4th Burnham Market CIC***W 2008 (Parkmore Ed)
  • 8th Burnham Market CIC***W 2008 (Tamarillo)
  • 1st Burnham Market CIC*** 2008 (Navigator)
2006 :
  • 3rd Weston Park CCI** 2006 (Irish Moon)
  • 4th Weston Park CCI** 2006 (Trinity Hill)
  • 10th South of England CIC** 2006 (Chuckelberry)
  • 6th Burghley CCI**** 2006 (Ballincoola)
  • 19th Burghley CCI**** 2006 (Idalgo)
  • 3rd Blenheim CCI*** 2006 (Parkmore Ed)
  • Team Silver & 15th World Equestrian Games, Aachen 2006 (Tamarillo)
  • 1st Hartpury CIC*** 2006 (Moon Man)
  • 1st British Intermediate Championships 2006 (Macchiato)
  • 1st British Novice Championships 2006 (Navigator)
  • 11th Luhmuhlen CCI**** 2006 (Birthday Night)
  • 8th Badminton CCI*** 2006 (Ballincoola)
2004 :
  • 1st Badminton CCI 2004 (Tamarillo)
  • 4th Lexington CCI 2004 (Ballincoola)
  • 7th Fontainebleau CIC 2004 (Stunning)
2003 :
  • 5th Le Lion d’Angers CCI 2003 (Idalgo)
  • 8th Le Lion d’Angers CCI 2003 (Igor de Cluis)
  • 1st Boekelo CCI 2003 (Tom Cruise)
  • Team gold and 8th individual European Championships, Punchestown, Ireland 2003 (Moon Man)
  • 1st CIC World Cup Qualifier, Thirlestane Castle 2003 (Stunning)
  • 1st British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park 2003 (Stunning)
  • 2nd British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park 2003 (Moon Man)
  • 1st British Intermediate Championships, Gatcombe Park 2003 (Tom Cruise II)
  • 1st Luhmuhlen CCI 2003 (Tom Cruise II)
  • 1st Bramham CCI 2003 (Wallow)
  • 2nd Bramham CCI 2003 (Ballincoola)
  • 7th Saumur CCI 2003 (Coastal Ties)
  • 1st Chatsworth CIC World Cup Qualifier 2003 (Stunning)
  • 3rd Lexington CCI 2003 (Moon Man)
2007 :
  • 1st Burghley CCI**** 2007 (Parkmore Ed)
  • 5th Burghley CCI**** 2007(Ballincoola)
  • 1st Blair Castle CCI*** 2007(Macchiato)
  • 1st Blair Castle CCI** 2007(Bee Animas)
  • 2nd Gatcombe Park Open Champs 2007 (Moon Man)
  • 1st Gatcombe Park Novice Champs 2007 (Cool Mountain)
  • 5th Gatcombe Park Intermediate Champs 2007 (Navigator)
  • 5th Gatcombe Park CIC*** (Parkmore Ed)
  • 1st Bramham CCI*** (Macchiato)
  • 1st Tattersalls CCI** (Trinity Hill)
  • 2nd Tattersalls CCI* (All that Jazz V)
  • 3rd Tattersalls CCI* (Imran II)
  • 1st Houghton CCI** 2007 (Navigator)
  • 1st Houghton CCI* 2007 (Bee Animas)
  • 2nd Houghton CCI* 2007 (Cool Mountain)
2005 :
  • 1st Burghley CCI**** 2005 (Ballincoola)
  • 1st British Open Championship, Gatcombe Park 2005 (Moon Man)
  • 1st Barbury Castle CIC *** 2005 (Ballincoola)
  • 1st Burgie CCI ** 2005 (Diamond Manati)
  • 1st Bramham CCI *** 2005 (Mr Dumbledore)
  • 2nd Bramham CCI *** 2005 (Idalgo)
  • 2nd Badminton CCI **** 2005 (Tamarillo)
  • Team bronze World Equestrian Games, Jerez, Spain 2002 (Tamarillo)
  • 1st Burghley CCI 2002 (Highland Lad)
  • 7th Burghley CCI 2002 (Moon Man)
  • 4th Boekelo CCI 2002 (Stunning)
  • 3rd British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park 2002 (Moon Man)
  • 4th British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park 2002 (Stunning)
  • 4th Lexington CCI 2002 (Stunning)
  • 2nd Badminton CCI 2002 (Tamarillo)
  • 6th Bramham CCI 2002 (Highland Lad)
  • 8th Bramham CCI 2002 (Just A Sovereign)
  • 5th and Team gold European Champs, Pau, France ‘01 (Stunning)
  • 4th Bonn Roderberg CCIO 2001 (Barclay Square)
  • 4th Saumur CCI 2001 (Stunning)
  • 9th Burghley CCI 2001 (Springleaze Macaroo)
  • 1st British Open Champs, Gatcombe Park 2000 (Moon Man)
  • 1st Blenheim CCI 2000 (Stunning)
  • 2nd Blenheim CCI 2000 (Tamarillo)