Westfield Veterinary Physiotherapy

Westfield Veterinary Physiotherapy offers Chartered Physiotherapy services for horses and small animals in the Yorkshire area. Royal Veterinary College trained, fully insured.

Prompt, reliable and confidential service.

Westfield Minx CamphillWhether your horse is recovering from surgery or injury, has a long term condition or needs a little help to maintain performance levels, physiotherapy can be beneficial.

Veterinary Physiotherapy encompasses many different therapeutic techniques to achieve a desired goal including:

– Manual therapies (reflex inhibition, joint mobilisations and massage)
– Hydrotherapy
– Electrotherapy (including WERC Pulse TMM, Ultrasound, LASER, PEME and EMS)
– Gait re-education
– Proprioceptively enriched exercise
– Sports specific exercises
– Home exercise programme

We specialise in improving and maintaining performance whatever your level of riding or driving, using a variety of techniques, home exercise programmes and advice.

We work closely with vets, farriers, saddlers and other equestrian professionals to ensure you receive a high quality and comprehensive service.

Fully insured and Royal Veterinary College trained.

Mobile throughout Yorkshire and the North.

CONTACT Westfield Veterinary Physiotherapy
Based in Yorkshire and owned and run by Kirsty Haines, Chartered Physiotherapist.
Phone Kirsty on 07748 788564 or visit www.westfieldvetphysio.co.uk for more information.

Westfield Veterinary Physiotherapy by Kirsty Haines (Yorkshire, England, UK)