Xenophon – On the Arms of a War Rider

A summary of On the Arms of a War Rider from Xenophons The Art of Horsmanship.

On the Arms of a War Rider:

The final chapter of On the Art of Horsemanship details the manner in which a horse and rider should be equipped for battle.

Xenophon admonishes the rider to have well-fitted armor and encourages that the left arm, which holds the reins, be well-shielded.

Xenophon The Art of Horsemanship

While the right arm and the rider’s midsection should be armored in such a way that leaves them flexible but protected.

He details the materials needed to shield each part of the body, and recommends various designs that are best suited for mounted combat.

The horse should also be armored at the forehead, chest and haunches.

Xenophon recommends a curved sabre and short javelins for weaponry.

He encourages the rider to throw his javelins before actually meeting with the enemy, then wheel back towards his own army in order to avoid injury to himself or his horse.

He states in closing that his treatise covers the basic knowledge that riders should possess, and informs the reader that further information can be found in – On the Cavalry Commander.

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