Veterinary Physiotherapy and McTimoney-Corley Spinal Manipulation

Lisa Cleeton treats musculoskeletal issues in horses, dogs and cats.

She is based in East Lothian and travels throughout Scotland.

Lisa uses a unique combination of Veterinary Physiotherapy and McTimoney-Corley Spinal Manipulation as well as Shiatsu (accupressure).

I am a sympathetic and patient professional, and I treat horses from most disciplines – dressage, eventers, racehorses, polo ponies, endurance, BSJA showjumpers, happy hackers, driving horses, show ponies, broodmares, stallions, youngstock to retired OAP’s.

Many horses go through life with chronic back pain, subluxated or damaged joints, muscle damage ie tears, hypotrophy (muscle wastage), hypertrophy (overdeveloped muscle), rotated hips and pelvis as well as misaligned vertebrae in their neck or polls due to muscle spasms.

On a daily basis I come across horses with chronic sore backs who have just been participating in events such as show-jumping or endurance riding without complaint the day before.
Lisa Cleeton treating Goldie
Photo shows Lisa Cleeton treating Goldie

You can contact me (Lisa) for more details and my availability on 07971-845492 or email: