When to Use A Double Bridle

When & How to Use a Double Bridle

Some riders want to use a double bridle for all the wrong reasons.

And some riders using them don’t even understand when or why a double bridle should be used.

Very often the double bridle is simply being used because it is considered correct dress.

When the horse is neither balanced or attentive enough and the rider has little or no idea how to use it sensitively and effectively.

The double bridle is the bridle for the educated horse in the hands of the educated rider.

HM Queen Elizabeth Side Saddle on Burmese

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The most important point to note about using the double bridle is the emphasis on both horse and rider being ready to use it.

The horse must be balanced and established when working in a snaffle before a double bridle is ever considered.

When to Use A Double Bridle

Even then the introduction of the double should be gradual, not simply fitted to the horse on the day of the show with the expectation of miraculous results.

The double bridle, in the hands of an expert rider is a sensitive tool for the advancement of the established horse.

It allows the rider to ask more of the horse using the lever action of the curb as a reminder and extra reinforcement, while relying on the horse’s acquired ability to move correctly on the snaffle rein.

While it is recommended for showing hunters and cobs, all horses should be schooled to the same ability as dressage horses using double bridles, as this will enhance their gymnastic ability and produce a much better overall picture.