Touchdown Trails. Moray Scotland


We did have a successful yard in Shropshire for nine years but ran out of space so have relocated to the hills of Moray where there is plenty of room.

We take in horses who have a genuine need of a home whether due to old age or infimirmity or for example bereavement on the part of the owner.

Touchdown Trails specialise in horses with allergic respiratory conditions such as Small Airways Disease and our facilities are totally dust-free.

We have made it through our first winter inclduing a few months in a caravan.
Bertie In the Snow at Touchdown Trails
The horses are now happy in their new fields. There was more snow than we expected and I fell over in it and broke my ankle!

We are also starting a trail riding centre in the Moray countryside.

Touchdown Trailsby Fran (Moray, Scotland)

We are currently building an American barn, indoor and outdoor school and cross country course.

We aim to be ready by Spring 2009 and will of course let everyone know.