What Makes Top Dressage Horses the Best

What type of horse is best for dressage riding and just what makes top dressage horses so good?

Well, that’s the question we’re trying to help you answer, by demonstrating the qualities in all types of top level dressage horses.

Top dressage horses have that little something else; that presence, that flashy movement and that sense of enjoyment that says, "I’m that good and I know it".

There is something special, something every horse owner or rider can see, when they watch a top quality dressage horse, but just what is it and how do we define it?

A good start has to be, ‘learning by example’, and watching top quality dressage riders and how they ride.

This will tell us a lot about how a quality dressage horse, the classical dressage horse, is put together.

How top class dressage horses look, move and react will surely train our eye to see the same or similar features and aspects in our own horses.

Horses that we may consider buying or features we may see in other dressage riders or owners horses.

Some Very Good Examples of Top Dressage Horses …

Dressage Horse WeltmeyerTop Dressage Stallion Weltmeyer

Weltmeyer was dressage stallion of the year in 1998 …

Dressage Horse Nip TuckNip Tuck ridden by Carl Hester

Nip tuck missed a place on the Beijing Olympics team when he went lame …

Dressage Horse Don SchufroDon Schufro ridden by Andreas Helgestrand

Don Schufro ridden by Andreas Helgestrand has won multiple Grand Prix titles …

Dressage Horse Bonfire
Bonfire ridden by Anky van Grunsven.

Anky and her top dressage horse Bonfire won Olympic gold in Sydney …

Dressage Horse Danny WildeDanny Wilde by H.Steinhauser

Danny Wilde was Reserve Champion of his approvals in 1998 …

Dressage Horse Krack CTop Dressage Horse Krack C

IPS Krack C is considered by dressage professionals to be the best dressage horse progenitor in Europe …

Dressage HorseBriar ridden by Jan Brink

Top Dressage Horse Briar is approved in the German Hanoverian and Oldenburg Verbande …

Dressage HorseWhisper ridden by Monica Theodorescu

Whisper won the 2007 Otto Lorke Prize at the 2007 CDI Stuttgart in Germany …

Top Dressage Horse RadarRadar by Emma Collins

Radar was sired by legendary dressage stallion Cocktail and is competing at Prix St George …

Dressage Horse RavelRavel ridden by Steffen Peters

Dressage Horse Ravel competing for the 2008 Olympics Team …

Is a Top Dressage Horse a Classical Dressage Horse?

Lipizzaner Horse Bows

Not necessarily, all horse breeds can be used for dressage, although warmbloods, thoroughbreds, lipizzaners, andalusians, and lusitanos are favoured breeds for top dressage horses.

Lipizzaners are particularly well known as dressage horses, these pure white stallions have been dressage horses of choice for centuries.

However, popular horse breeds most often seen at the Olympics and other international FEI competitions are in the warmblood horse breeds category.

The dressage horse and the classical type of horse used for dressage are horses like Bonfire, Nip tuck, Escapado and Salinero. The tall, leggy horse that is extravagant in its movements.

But any riding horse can benefit from the use of dressage principles and training techniques.

Competitive dressage is a discipline in which all breeds are given an equal opportunity to compete successfully.

Therefore, many other breeds are seen at various levels of competition and in non-competitive dressage displays that involve the airs above the ground.

Here the Baroque breeds of horse, most notably the Lipizzaner, are seen most often.