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Serina Rolph proprietor of Grange Equine Therapy, is a member of the International Equine Body Workers Association (IEBWA) and the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (IAVRPT)

The Grange Equine Therapy - 21439348Grange Equine Therapy offers specialist treatments for your horse or pony throughout North Yorkshire, the East Midlands other parts of the UK and countries in the Middle East.

Serina uses her many years of experience and qualifications in order to provide a whole service that includes Equine Body Work and Sports Massage, horse and rider assessments, riding tuition, equine behavioural understanding and care.

Grange Equine Therapy – Unlocking the Gait, to uncover your horse’s full potential, qualified, certified, experienced care for horses.

Equine Body Work and Sports Massage are globally recognised and veterinary approved equine therapy for all horses. Treating horses with the respectful consideration they deserve. From competition, racing and performance horses to pleasure horses – Serina can help. Providing a valuable and professional service at sensible rates, working for you and your horse.

Serina has been working as an equine practitioner providing Equine Body Work and Massage Therapy for many years to various horses involved in competition, racing and those used purely for pleasure and leisure. Her work is veterinary approved in the UK, USA and many other continents throughout the world.

In the UK, the equine physical therapy she uses is recognised and approved by the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice.

Both Equine Body Work and Sports Massage are remedial and preventative therapies that address the equine musculoskeletal system, in particular the soft tissue. They are veterinary approved treatments that work to prevent injury and help keep your horse in healthy condition. Equine Body Work and Sports Massage are suitable for all horses and ponies, young and old and are extremely helpful for horses that have suffered injury as they work to quicken the healing time. They can significantly benefit the equine athlete prior to and following any strenuous workout such as racing and competing. In addition, they assist to improve prolonged orthopaedic and soft tissue pain that a horse may be suffering from.

Founded on the belief that maintaining a healthy, balanced musculoskeletal system is essential for equine wellbeing and performance, the parameters of Grange Equine Therapy go beyond the equine sports athlete and encompass all horses regardless of their type, discipline, ability and age.

Unfortunately, soft tissue pain in horses is common and can have a detrimental effect on performance, behaviour and general wellbeing. However, pain is not always noticeable until further examination is carried out and often a horse suffering pain will be wrongly labelled as “naughty or uncooperative”. As we expect a horse to move freely in any direction without stiffness, tension and pain so Serina works to restore, improve and maintain equine performance, prevent pain and discomfort whilst striving for happy, healthy horses. During her treatment painful areas can be identified and treated and ultimately this can help to resolve any pain related behavioural issues.

Because pain and discomfort suffered by any horse can cause poor performance and unwanted behavioural issues, Equine Body Work and Sports Massage Therapy may have numerous positive benefits for you and your horse. Countless injuries go unnoticed until they become serious some time later. Prevention is always better than cure and a thorough check over the horse’s soft tissue may highlight a problem that is not obvious.

Even something that has been identified as a minor problem will often become a major issue over time. For example, “he’s a little sore or tender in the back, but it’s nothing to worry about”. In time that tenderness can manifest itself into real tension that may translate to other soft tissue in the body such as the forelimb tendons. Any apparent tenderness in the back muscles should never be dismissed as not a problem – it’s already a problem.

Furthermore, because the therapy Serina uses helps to reduce any tactile defence and stress in the horse she finds regular use of these methods, some of which can be used daily by the owner, are also beneficial for young and or nervous horses.
Please contact me for further information about any of the following equine services:

  • Equine Body Work
  • Equine Sports Massage
  • Horse and Rider Assessments
  • Help with behavioural issues
  • Lessons on your own horse
  • Pain management
  • Remedial care

The Grange Equine Therapy - 21598262Giving back – Serina provides free or substantially reduced Equine Body Work and Massage Therapy for horses and ponies in the care of registered equine charitable groups, including welfare, rescue and retirement facilities, and those involved with animal-assisted therapy that include Riding for the Disabled Association.

Please contact Serina Rolph, Grange Equine Therapy for more information. Working to raise awareness of healthy equine care and the benefits humans gain from equine contact.

Contact … Serina Rolph International Equine Body Worker. BHSAI, BA HONS, BSC DIP EQ SCI EBW IEBWA MEMBER.
Telephone: 07779 445474 or 09733 9071882

Working to improve equine disposition and physical dynamics by addressing soft tissue dysfunction

Recognised and approved by the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice

Include Equine Body Work and Sports Massage as part of your horse’s care and notice the difference.