The Tennessee Walking Horse Breed

The Tennessee Walking Horse traces it origins back to the Narragansett Pacer.

Like the Saddlebred and the Missouri Fox Trotter, it was developed as an exceptionally comfortable riding horse with gaits not found in other breeds.

Originally known as the Southern Plantation Walking Horse or Tennessee Pacer.

The Tennessee Walking Horse was an invaluable mode of transport for planters carrying out crop inspections.

It was fast, robust, comfortable under saddle and has a highly desirable temperament.

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Tennessee Walking Horse Breed Attributes …

Height – 15.2hh average

Colour – Any black and solid colours are most popular


  • Intelligent largish head with a straight profile
  • Strong arched neck
  • Pronounced withers
  • Well sloped shoulders
  • Powerful body with a broad chest and a short back
  • strong hind quarters with a muscular flat croup and clean hard limbs

Character: gentle, naturally sociable, quiet nature.

Common Uses: riding horse

Tennessee Walking Horse Gaits & Movement …

The Tennessee Walking horses distinctive gaits – the flat foot walk, the running walk and the canter are inherited.

Young foals can be seen performing the running walk.

Both walks are a loose four beat gate, with a high action in front.

As it moves the Tennessee Walking Horse nods its head in rhythm with the rise and fall of it’s hoofs and the hind feet over stride the tracks left by the front feet.

The flat foot walk should be loose, bold and square with plenty of shoulder motion.

There should be a noticeable difference in the tempo between the two walks.

The canter of the Tennessee Walking horse has a distinctive rocking chair motion.