Horse Facts - Fun & interesting equine information

Horse Facts – fun & interesting equine information

Our horse facts are a collection of interesting and fun equine Information. Learning basic horse facts and figures as well as the more fun and interesting ones is often placed on the back burner or never considered important because horse owners are far too busy doing horse stuff. Knowing a few equine facts though, can help when you least expect it.

Entertaining Horse Games & Puzzles

Think you know horses then test your horse knowledge with our online equestrian quiz. If you believe you and your friends have the answers to questions like … Do you know what a fetlock is? What does Robert Whitaker do? …

Horse Riding in England

Horse Riding in England

England & horse friendly English equestrian counties provide excellent access to good trail riding and superb equestrian events. A rich network of bridleways allows for pleasant all year round trail riding, hacking or a daily gallop

History of the Horse

A brief look at the History of the Horse ... Man's special equine friend

Greek mythology presents horses as sea creatures ruled by their god Posiedon. Other mythologies present different versions and countries often have differing views on the history of the horse and its relationship with man. What we know for certain is that Horse drawings exist that date from about 3000 BC and the horse has served man well for a very long time …

UK Bridleways - Safe Local Riding

Horse Riding in Your Local Area ... UK Bridleways

UK Landowners share a responsibility to keep UK bridleways clear, but it is also up to horse riders, walkers and other users to clear natural obstructions such as fallen trees and undergrowth. If you want to ride safely in your local area, pitch in and make sure we can all enjoy our UK Bridleways for years to come …

The Equestrian Blog - hdr

The Equestrian Blog for News & Updates

Our Local Riding Blog for site updates and new content. check it regularly to find new information, equestrian facilities and new areas we add. Including local horse riding, showjumping, cross country and dressage in your area