Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Phase - Water Obstacle

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Phase

Equestrian Cross Country is an endurance test and is the second phase in the sport of equestrian eventing. The cross country endurance test helps prove the speed endurance and jumping ability of the true cross-country horse. It was originally used by military cavalry

XC Eventing Obstacle Heights

XC Eventing Obstacles Heights & Training the Event Horse

A look at the heights and levels of xc eventing obstacles applying to the top levels of affiliated equestrian eventing competitions. The obstacles in the modern cross country phase of international equestrian eventing are a superb test of horse and rider endurance

A look at Eventing Saddles

Specialist Eventing saddles tend to be even futher forward cut than the flatter seated jumping saddle model and some are slighly shorter in the flap. Extra forward cut saddle flaps allow the rider to ride shorter in eventing saddles.

Mark Todd Equestrian Eventer

Equestrian Event Rider Mark Todd, New Zealand

Mark Todd has won gold medals at Los Angeles and Seoul Olymics, won the Badminton Horse Trials three times, the Burghley Horse Trials five times and won gold medals at the World Championships in 1990 and 1998