Horse not interested, are you and your horse in a rut?

Bored Horse. Are You & Your Horse In A Rut?

Just as with people, horses get tired of doing the same old thing over and over. Some bored horses will anticipate your aids if they are schooled too much in the same pattern. I’ve seen horses in the show ring that learn the pattern of gaits and then simply go through the motions without the riders help

Horse Facts – fun & interesting equine information

Horse Facts - Fun & interesting equine information

Our horse facts are a collection of interesting and fun equine Information. Learning basic horse facts and figures as well as the more fun and interesting ones is often placed on the back burner or never considered important because horse owners are far too busy doing horse stuff. Knowing a few equine facts though, can help when you least expect it.

Do You Know Enough About Your Horses Feet?

Horse Hoof & Foot Care - hdr

Your horses feet perform several very important functions including supporting your horses weight, absorbing shock, resisting wear, providing traction, pumping blood and conducting moisture.

Buying a horse advertised as with potential is a gamble

Buying Horse with Potential - Its a gamble

Potential is an emotive word. Buying a horse advertised as with potential is a gamble nothing less and nothing more. You will have to invest significant time and training and a lot more money before you see that potential realised.

Horse Theft - Useful Tips to prevent your horse being stolen

Stop Horse Theft - A Stolen Horse is no joke

With over 10,000 horses stolen each year in Britain and over 40,000 in America, all horse owners need to take precautions. Basic security can mean looking after the simple things, but if you have valuable horses security measures need to be a little more refined

Hormone Replacement Therapy - An Equine Nightmare

A Healthy Pregnant Mare - Premarin Horses

Premarin is a hormone replacement therapy drug produced by Wyeth-Ayerst. Its active ingredient is urine from a pregnant equine mare. Because equine urine contains high levels of estrogen. A Premarin filly foal has a less than one in 10 chance of not going to slaughter, a colt foal less than one in 50

Is There Really No Guarantee on Horse Tack

Seriously - No Guarantee on Horse Tack

Don’t you think injecting £4 billion into the UK economy means UK horse owners deserve horse tack that is guaranteed to do the job equestrian manufacturers and retailers say it will? Exactly what guarantee do tack shops provide?

Training a Horse to Bend by Jane Savoie

Getting your horse to bend using benign antagonism

The stiff side is not the problem. You need to think outside the box. Getting a horse to bend using Benign Antagonism means that you kindly and quietly do the opposite of whatever your horse chooses to do on his own

London Pubs a must for Equestrian Visitors

Much of the fun in any visit to London is discovering your own pub or local as pub regulars usually call them. Regardless of where you are in this fascinating and historic city, there will be a variety of welcoming London Pubs within easy reach

Broken My Neck Team Chasing

Broke my neck team chasing

Team Chasing is a sport in which a team of four have to go as fast as they can across country over large natural fences. It is half-way between eventing and point-to-pointing. The risk of injury is high and in my case it couldn’t really get much worse

Sellers Beware! keep records and don't make promises your horse can't keep

Horse Sales - UK sellers beware

Selling a horse in the UK can be very stressful. Horse sales are difficult enough particulalrly if it’s your friend and you want a good home. Today you could sell a horse and after three or four months, the law says the owner can return and demand their money back because of reasons outwith your control.

Ten Tips to Help Restore Your Horse Riding Confidence ...

Ride Confidently - Restore Your Horse Riding Confidence

When you’ve had an accident or a bad fall while riding, it can take a long time before you feel confident enough to get back on your horse. Restoring your confidence is often harder than you think because it can be more mental than physical. Knowing what to work on can help …

BHS Equine Mapping of Horse Riding Routes


EMAGIN from the British Horse Society is the Worlds first Equine Mapping and Geographical Information Network. Using digital mapping and aerial photography to help horse owners easily locate an excellent range of bridleways, routes and services

Equestrian Sites Information and Resources

Equestrian sites from horse riding organisations to bloodstock sales, polo yards, point to point and horse racing information. Resources dedicated to the promotion and improvement of equestrian pursuits and horse riding

Draw the Line On Indiscriminate Equine Breeding

Indescriminate Equestrian Breeding - hdr

Help the Draw the Line campaign to encourage horse owners to think before they breed. Through increased education, awareness and castration programs. Ensure fewer poor quality foals are bred and subject to an uncertain and often unpleasant future.

Exquis World Dressage Masters 2010

Exquis world dressage masters

The 2010 schedule of confirmed competitions of the Exquis World Dressage Masters, founded by Exquis and also sponsored by Moorland Stables and Moorland Investments and Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe,

Equestrians are uniting as Horses for Heroes ...

Horses for Heroes

The equine industry are asking local riders to join them in an attempt to raise more than £1 million for Help For Heroes next summer. It’s a sponsored ride starting and finishing at Ascot Racecourse with almost 2010 horses taking part and every rider taking part being asked to raise a minimum of £500 in sponsorship. Can you do it?