Cross Country Obstacles in Equestrian Eventing

Osberton Cross Country Obstacle

Modern equestrian eventing competitions include a wide variety of cross country obstacles and as event riders are becoming better and better, the course designers are incorporating more and more unusual obstacles and decorations

Proper Cross Country Clothing for Equestrian Eventing

Proper Eventing Cross Country Clothing

Cross Country clothing in equestrian eventing is informal, and many riders use colours that match some of their eventing horse tack. Deciding what to wear when competing in the cross country phase of eventing isn’t difficult, so long as you stick to safety rules

Cross Country Riding in Lincolnshire, England

Lincolnshire Cross Country Courses

For horse riders there’s probably nothing more enjoyable than riding across country on your horse. Jumps of course are optional, but for those riders who love nothing more than cross country jumping, Lincolnshire has a great selection of cross country courses … enjoy!

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Phase

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Phase - Water Obstacle

Equestrian Cross Country is an endurance test and is the second phase in the sport of equestrian eventing. The cross country endurance test helps prove the speed endurance and jumping ability of the true cross-country horse. It was originally used by military cavalry

Eventing Cross Country Courses require both horse & rider to be bold and smart

Eventing Cross Country Jumping

The Cross Country Course is part of equestrian eventing and an endurance test for both horse and rider. It is around two and three quarter to four miles long and should contain twenty-four to thirty-six obstacles. Advanced level cross country courses are ridden at an average speed of 570 mpm (meters per minute).