Sloswicks Livery Yard. Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Sloswicks Livery is a new stable yard on the Welbeck Estate, near Worksop. Providing Full, Part and DIY livery, with bespoke prices available.

  • Sloswicks Livery
  • Sloswicks Livery stables
  • Sloswicks Livery stables

  • Sloswicks Livery Arena
  • Grazing at Sloswicks Livery
  • Sloswicks Livery Arena and Grazing at Sloswicks Livery

Sloswicks Livery is set within the beautiful Welbeck Country Estate near Worksop which has 43 acres of land.

We have 20 fully matted stables, an indoor and outdoor school, XC course and showjumping area, a horse walker, individual turnout, a lunge pen and good hacking on the edge of clumber park.

Livery Facilities include

  • Floodlit menage (outdoor & indoor)
  • XC area
  • horse walker
  • lunge pen
  • Show jumping area
  • Cross Country Course

Individual Turnout, matted stables, tea and coffee facilities with toilets.

Hacking in beautiful countryside.

A friendly and well run yard, for more details call Diane on 07890 663227.

Full, part and Mon-Fri Livery available – please see for details or call James on 07515 382824.

Comments for Sloswicks Livery Stables

Shambles by: Anonymous
Just taken my 2 horses away from this livery yard. Yes, it is a very nice place, after all, this is a Welbeck Estate property, rented to the Boil family, but it really does seem to be run in a very haphazard and unprofessional way.

It could really do with one experienced manager, who has a proper background in animal welfare, then it would be somewhere were you could leave your horse/horses with total peace of mind. Until then, I can’t recommend it to anyone unless you are desperate.

In summary, great Welbeck Estate property but very iffy management.

Good yard just 1 person ruin it. by: Nancy
Had a great time at the yard and my horse was look after well but when they got full to many people talking behind each others back. I would had still been at the yard now.Its not the yard it people on the yard which had done it for me. All the best xxx

Lack of management by: Oscar
Although it is a wonderful place, it is at the moment lacking management control, repairs are not completed, schools not harrowed, lights not working, horses not being fed when kept in through adverse weather.

Just appears to have lost its way at the moment. Here’s hoping it improves in the future.

five star yard by: Claire
A fantastic yard with fantastic facilities, always clean and tidy, the staff are wonderful and nothing is too much trouble, very organised and well run. my horse settled within hours of being on the yard. The setting and surroundings are great. Couldn’t be more happy and at the same time the prices are very reasonable considering the amount of facilities avaliable.

A good, friendly livery yard! by: Nicola
I have been to a couple of livery yards before this one and I couldn’t be more impressed. The stables are a good size and the yard is well looked after. The family and staff are really friendly and always helpful.

Seemed a bit more expensive than others advertised in this area, but when you look round you can see why!

Was a bit worried moving to new yard but my horse settled really well and the people are great.

Couldn’t be happier!

Sloswicks Livery Yard – 07890 663227by Diane (Worksop)