A guide to the showjump riders position and the modern forward seat used by show jumpers

Showjumping - Show Jump Riders Position

The proper riders position used by equestrians when show jumping a horse over an obstacle. It normally involves the forward seat, first developed by Captain Federico Caprilli and commonly referred to as the caprilli technique. The modern showjumping forward seat position is not meant to be held by the rider, but is a more fluid seat that changes as your horses balance changes

The Jumping Saddle is Essential Horse Tack for Show Jumpers

The Show Jumping Saddle - essential horse tack for show jumpers

Firstly Frederico Caprilli proposed and introduced the jumping seat then Count Illias Toptani moved things forward by developing a proper jumping saddle. A saddle that gives the rider a more secure seat and the show jumping horse more room to move under the rider.

Horse Jumping History from Lepping to modern Show Jumping

Show jumping - a popular equestrian sport

Showjumping, is a relatively new equestrian sport and was a development of cross country jumping. Initially called Lepping it was brought indoors to allow spectators to view all the jumps without trudging across muddy fields. Today show jumping is one of the most popular equestrian sports

Common show jumping position faults

Show jumping position faults

A look at some common show jumping position faults in the sport of showjumping. A few very common faults with rider position and proper rein release while showjumping. This usually occurs if the rider pinches or grips with the knees, …