Show Jumping Tips & Advice

Show jumping - a popular equestrian sport

Show jumping is probably the fastest growing sport of all equestrian disciplines.

The first major show jumping competition was held during the Horse of the Year Show at Olympia in 1907. Most competitors were members of the military.

The sport has grown year on year ever since, and we are continually adding to and updating our show jumping tips & advice section.

Show jumping tips to develop a good bascule

Everyone starts out as an amateur show jumper and then hopes to progress to the level of the show jumpers in the photo gallery below.

And everyone needs a little help to improve their show jumping performance. Which is were our show jumping tips & advice can help.

Before too long, using the good show jumping tips and advice from our own horse owners and other good instructors, you’ll be jumping like a professional equestrian.

Desperately want to start show jumping but don’t know were to start?

Well in the beginning, you don’t need to know all the technical details of how to release the rein, count stride distances or the difference between a good or bad bascule.

What you do need is a horse with some jumping ability and a rider with some courage.

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Show Jumping Photo Gallery …click photo for larger view
  • Show Jumping at Oldcotes
  • Robert Whittaker Show Jumping at Oldcotes
  • Local Riders Show Jumping at Oldcotes 2
  • Local Riders Show Jumping at Oldcotes 3
  • Showjumpimg Photo Gallery 5
  • Showjumpimg Photo gallery 6

Now add in a measure of commitment, some enthusiasm, the correct horse tack & safety equipment, like a riding helmet, and you’re good to go show jumping.

Once you’ve tried it and caught the show jumping bug, then invest in some riding lessons to help you progress through the ranks.