Using a Double Bridle with a Show Hack

The Double bridle for show hacks and riding horses is recommended as correct dress, although a snaffle bridle may be used in Novice classes.

The bridle should have finer straps than that used on a hunter, but not as fine as those on a show pony bridle.

5/8 inch cheekpieces, or even ½ inch, with either a raised and patterned or a plain noseband.

This should be selected to complement the face, a wide noseband being more suitable for a strong head and a narrow noseband good for a fine delicate head.

The Double Bridle

A coloured browband should be used.

The horse should be balanced and attentive at all times.

However it isn’t strictly necessary to use a double bridle, and technically a horse going as well in a snaffle as a double bridle should be marked equally highly.