The Selle Francais Horse Breed

The Selle Francais Horse Breed - Show Jumper Jappeloup

The Selle Francais is one of the worlds most successful competition horse breeds.

It is the epitome of what a sport horse should be, athletic, strong, good bone, good muscle and highly intelligent.

Primarily known for its excellence in show jumping, the versatile Selle Francais also excels in dressage and eventing.

It shines above all others at show jumping and thanks to the Thoroughbred blood in the breeds veins, Selle Francais horse breeds have the speed and the stamina to succeed in three day eventing.

Although the most important influence on the Selle Francais has undoubtedly been the Thoroughbred, the French Trotter has also been a factor, not least in the pedigrees of the famous show jumpers Galoubet and Jappeloup.

The Selle Francais Horse Breed

Galoubet has trotter blood on his dams side, albeit a couple of generations back.

But the spring heeled little Jappeloup whose brilliant showjumping career culminated with success in the individual championships at the 1988 Olympic Games and a team gold medal in the 1990 World Equestrian Games was actually by the trotter mare Venerable.

Jappeloup lacked the harmonious paces usually associated with the Selle Francais.

He was notoriously clumsy trod on many human feet in his company, and was a notoriuosly uncomfortable ride. This was almost certainly the result of his powerful hindquarters, he stood higher behind the saddle than in front, which is typical trotter conformation.

Physical Attributes of the Selle Francais horse breed.


  • Medium Weight – Small 15.3hh and under. Medium 15.3 to 16.1hh. Large over 16.1hh
  • Heavyweight – Small under 16hh. Large 16hh and over
  • The classification medium or heavy is based on the horses weight carrying ability, judged on its conformation.

Colour Range: Predominantly chestnut, though all colours are permissible..


  • Refined head with long elegant neck and sloping shoulders.
  • Strong body with well sprung ribs
  • Broad powerful hindquarters
  • Strong limbs with particularly powerful forearms
  • Pronounced joints and good bone.

Origins Of The Selle Francais

French breeders have over the past several decades created an extraordinary breed. The Selle Francais Horse Breed is one of the Worlds most successful competition horses. It shines in the show jumping arena and possesses the speed & stamina for 3 day eventing.

Selle Francais Origins