The Racing Saddle in Horse Training


In Horse and Rider Training, the racing saddle is divided into two types, race exercise saddles and race saddles.

Both of these saddle types are used exclusively for the purpose they were designed for; horse racing. - horse tack and equipment - the saddle

The race exercise saddle is used to exercise racehorses.

They are designed so that riders can shorten their stirrups to ride fast work and school.

They tend to be larger than race saddles and have larger panels as they are worn for long periods of time by the horse.

True Racing Saddles are only used by jockeys during races.

They are available in weights, from several grams and up to 2 stone in weight.

Racing Saddles generally don’t have stirrup bars fitted and the stirrup leathers fit through a hole in the saddle tree

Local Riding
Consider all your saddle options and make sure you choose the correct size and type for the sort of work you want your horse to do.