Professional Grooming & Show Prep

Horse Show Preparation & Livery Services

Professional Groom offering Show Preparation & Pre-Show Grooming, Plaiting and Pulling. Based in Gainsborough Lincolnshire and covering all areas around Doncaster Retford Scunthorpe and Lincoln

Dressage Tack & Equipment to Start Dressage Riding

Dressage Tack & Equipment to help get started

Having decided to try dressage riding what dressage tack & equipment will you need to get started. Definitely not top end branded horse tack that’s for sure. Wait until you’ve advanced beyond novice before investing in top quality tack and equipment.

Clipping Styles – Why Clip Your Horse & What Clip To Use?

Lincolnshire Show - Vincent Clipped & Winning

Owners mainly clip their horses coat to make their horse more comfortable in work, to work for longer and to prevent chills or overheating. Your horse will cool down and dry off much quicker without a full winter coat that traps sweat & heat. So, what’s the most suitable clip for your horse?

Equine Sweet Itch & Protection against the Culicoides Pulicaris midge

Equine Sweet Itch Rug - Protection against the Culicoides pulicaris midge

The fly or midge most commonly involved in causing equine sweet itch is the Culicoides pulicaris midge and although most horses and ponies show no reaction to it, horses that suffer from sweet itch develop an allergy to the bites. Prevention is better than cure and good quality fly rugs are essential

Buying a horse advertised as with potential is a gamble

Buying Horse with Potential - Its a gamble

Potential is an emotive word. Buying a horse advertised as with potential is a gamble nothing less and nothing more. You will have to invest significant time and training and a lot more money before you see that potential realised.

A Quick DIY Dressage Arena Layout Guide

A Quick DIY Dressage Arena Layout Guide … How to layout a 40m dressage arena in the middle of a field quickly and accurately using two cheap 50m surveyors tapes and four tent pegs

Treating Equine Sarcoids no half measures recommended ...

What are Equine Sarcoids & How to treat horse sarcoids

Horse sarcoids are notoriously difficult to treat and various treatment options are available. Most however are dependent on the type and location of the sarcoid. Options range from do nothing to Surgical Excision, Cryosurgery, Electrocautery, Hyperthermia and even Chemotherapy …

Really Simple Exercise Equipment... The Exercise Ball

Get yourself fit to ride your horse

Just sitting on an exercise ball at some point during the day, is a form of simple exercise and it helps to strengthen the core muscles that support your spine. And, that will get you fit to ride and improve your riding.

Horse Riding in Pennsylvania, USA

Horseback Riding in Pennsylvania, USA

Horse riding in Pennsylvania is an equestrian adventure every horse rider should have the chance to experience. Pennsylvania state offers tranquil state parks and forests with unmatched beauty, along with wonderful Pennsylvanian forests and mountainous regions, with excellent horse trails for the trail riding enthusiast

Cross Country Obstacles in Equestrian Eventing

Osberton Cross Country Obstacle

Modern equestrian eventing competitions include a wide variety of cross country obstacles and as event riders are becoming better and better, the course designers are incorporating more and more unusual obstacles and decorations

Properly Grooming a horses mane ... It's important

Plaiting and grooming a horses mane helps to show off the line of the neck and emphasis the neck conformation and overall look of the horse. Different types of mane pulls or cuts can be applied to different types of horse or even for competing in different types of horse shows or equestrian competitions

Equestrian facilities & horse riding in Lincolnshire, England

Horse Riding in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is a County in the East of England and features some of the most breathtaking landscapes in England, full of pretty picturesque towns and villages with cobbled streets and stone built houses. Horse Riding in Lincolnshire is both popular and very well catered for. There are plenty of good quality equestrian centres, riding schools and stable yards throughout Lincolnshire just browse the Lincolnshire equestrian map or scroll through the riding club, riding school or livery yard pages to find local riding near you …

Dressage Test Tips & How to do well in Dressage Tests

Winning Dressage Test Tips

Use our winning dressage test tips to ensure you do well in your dressage competition and give yourself the best chance of success. To win you must be positive and believe you can. This means being focused before during and after your dressage test

How To Improve Your Seat In Horse Riding

Improve Your Seat to Improve Your Riding

Whether a novice or experienced horse rider we can all benefit from improving our seat position. A good seat can solve a lot of problems from wobbly legs to your hip collapsing on one side and problems with insecure rein contact

Proper Cross Country Clothing for Equestrian Eventing

Proper Eventing Cross Country Clothing

Cross Country clothing in equestrian eventing is informal, and many riders use colours that match some of their eventing horse tack. Deciding what to wear when competing in the cross country phase of eventing isn’t difficult, so long as you stick to safety rules

What is horse laminitis? How do you prevent or treat it?

Horse laminitis - Causes & Treatment

The first sign of laminitic symptoms from a dietary cause will usually appear within 24 to 48 hrs. The horse may adopt the classic horse laminitis stance, with its hind feet placed up under its belly. Laminitis can be a very serious equine condition and all horse owners should be aware of the signs causes & treatment of horse laminitis

Horse Riding in Kansas, USA

Horseback Riding in Kansas, USA

Horse riding in Kansas is a real treat for horse riders and trail riding fans due to its varied climate and fantastic landscapes. Horseback riding is available in 24 Kansas state parks

Mucking out & all that walking will help but being fit to ride needs more

Get Fit to Ride & Improve Your Riding

You’ll be a better rider and a better competition team if both you and your horse are fit to ride. Some equestrian disciplines, such as polo, eventing or classical dressage demand a higher fitness level than others, but any rider who is fit to ride will actually have more fun riding. No matter what equestrian discipline they prefer

Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

Well attended horse shows, equestrian events, excellent riding trails and superb equestrian centers make horse riding in Mississippi feel like an equestrian paradise

The Jumping Saddle is Essential Horse Tack for Show Jumpers

The Show Jumping Saddle - essential horse tack for show jumpers

Firstly Frederico Caprilli proposed and introduced the jumping seat then Count Illias Toptani moved things forward by developing a proper jumping saddle. A saddle that gives the rider a more secure seat and the show jumping horse more room to move under the rider.

Horse Riding in Utah, USA

Horse Riding in Utah a real taste of the West

Horse friendly parks, rugged canyons and historic trail rides, including those ridden by the notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy, make horse riding in Utah a must do for all horseback riding, trekking and trail riding fans

Cannington Equestrian Centre Somerset

Cannington Equestrian Centre - Somerset 01278 655023

Cannington Equestrian Centre is based in the Somerset village of Cannington near Taunton, Somerset, it helps local riders compete if they own a horse or not by holding regular training sessions & hosting equestrian competitions