Good Ground Manners begin with proper Groundwork Training

Groundwork training. Building a horse with good manners

Groundwork training skills tips and techniques to improve both your horse and you the rider. Set and achieve training goals and build the horse you want. Happy Hacker or Dressage superstar its all achievable if you begin the right way

What Causes Horse Colic and Why is Colic so Common in Horses?

The symptoms of horse colic - click to download

Did you know there is an increased risk of your horse developing colic where you have a full time job, a hectic social life and a DIY stable environment but you don’t have sufficient hired help to maintain a high level of care, especially during the winter months. Good quality horse care is key to preventing horse colic

How can you tell if your horse is lame? Lameness checks ...

Checking lameness in horses

Unlike dogs, our horses can’t tell us when they are hurt. Dogs will whine or whimper to show distress, but your horse is a prey animal and prey animals don’t make any sounds to show they are weak or hurt. Just in case those nasty wolves & lions find out. So, it’s up to you, the horse owner, to check for signs of lameness in your horse.

Lupines, Ragwort & Other plants toxic to horses & horse health

Lupines &other plants toxic to horses

Studies by the Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine suggest that horses kept in stables or dirt paddocks are more likely to sample anything green and ingest plants toxic to horses’. Your horse can also accidentally ingest toxic plants and they can acquire a taste for some, such as acorns and ragwort dried in hay. Know what you need to keep away from you horse

Horse Breeds their Characteristics & Suitability ...

Breeds of Horse Information & Suitability

Looking to buy a horse and need information on the various breeds of horse. Then surf through our horse breed pages for information on the multitude of horse and pony breeds from around the world. Including relevant information on horse breed characteristics and the breed suitability for ridden disciplines

Laminitis Symptoms and the signs to look out for ...

Equine Laminitis Signs & Symptoms

Equine laminitis doesn’t just affect fat ponies, it can be found in any horse prone to the condition. Spotting laminitis symptoms and knowing the difference between chronic laminitis and acute laminitis is important as by the time your horse adopts the classical laminitis stance, some damage has already been done to the sensitive laminae …

The Dressage Arena Layout & Dressage Arena Markers

Dressage Arena Layout & Markers - hdr

The standard dressage arena is marked using large printed letters placed at pre-designated intervals around the perimeter. This helps the dressage rider or the dressage instructor, to follow the correct path during tests

What Causes Horse Sarcoids

Horse Sarcoids Causes

A UK vet has quite possibly linked common face flies to the spread of sarcoids, but it is commonly thought that a papilloma virus (wart) is probably what causes horse sarcoids

Prevent Equine Strangles on your livery yard or riding school

Horse Strangles - Streptococcus equi

Several common sense measures can be taken to prevent strangles affecting horses at a livery yard or riding school. Prevention is better than cure and horse owners themselves should always be aware of strangles outbreaks in their area. You are responsible for your horse’s welfare and you should insist your livery yard or riding school take preventive measures

Origin Of The Selle Francais Horse Breed

The Selle Francais Horse Breed

French equine breeders have created the extraordinary horse breed called the Selle Francais. They have selectively crossed their sturdy native horses with Thoroughbred stallions and introduced French Anglo-Arab and French Trotter bloodlines to add brilliance, agility and energy to the Selle Francais breed

Horse Sarcoids the Types and Causes & Should You Buy That Horse

What are Equine Sarcoids & How to treat horse sarcoids

Should you buy a horse with equine sarcoids? Before you decide you need to understand what horse sarcoids are, the different types of sarcoids and how they can affect what you want to do with your horse. Buying a horse with sarcoids is also a major consideration …

Horse not interested, are you and your horse in a rut?

Bored Horse. Are You & Your Horse In A Rut?

Just as with people, horses get tired of doing the same old thing over and over. Some bored horses will anticipate your aids if they are schooled too much in the same pattern. I’ve seen horses in the show ring that learn the pattern of gaits and then simply go through the motions without the riders help

6 Simple Dressage Tips to Avoid Losing Basic Dressage Points

Dressage Tips - training and schooling for points

If you can ride down the centre line, halt at X, proceed to C, turn left or right, ride the corner and receive 10 marks for the movement, then your horse is ready for Grand Prix dressage and you certainly don’t need our advice. Losing marks on basic dressage movements is silly when you can use our dressage tips to make sure you don’t

10 Top Dressage Competition Tips

Dressage Test - Winnie 140811

Dressage tests can be nerve racking and every little bit helps where competition nerves are concerned. A simple check list of dressage competition tips that you can work through before each competition is a must have

Owning and Using a Horsebox

The Pros & Cons of Owning a Horsebox

Very few of us consider the practicalities of owning and using a horsebox or trailer before we buy one and if we are honest quite a few of us expect that our horse will instantly recognise a horsebox

The Horse Skeleton & how your horse is put together

The horse skeleton its important to horse owners

The horses skeleton provides support for its muscles; protection for the horse’s internal organs; and has enough mobility built into its various parts that the horse can move smoothly at differing speeds and still lie down, graze or do both at the same time.

Regularly worming your horse is essential to ensure good horse health

Horse Wormers- Equest pramox & other commercial wormers

There are a wide range of commercial horse wormers on the market, all of which are available from both online and offline sources. But don’t just automatically choose the cheapest product. Instead use a little knowledge and put together a more effective de-worming program that will improve the health of your horse

Competing in Horse Shows can help you enjoy a full life

Competing at Horse Show Competitions

It doesn’t matter were they’re placed or how well they do, competing in horse shows is an excellent way for young riders to develop confidence and improve their horse riding abilities. Equestrian competitions are were they learn good sportsmanship and how to cope well with success and failure

A few useful riding tips ...

Tips & Advice to improve your horse riding - 300

Useful horse riding tips and equestrian advice including homemade horse treat recipes and different ways to think while riding. Plus resources to help you and your horse become a better partnership, and hopefully some that will save you a little money

Lunge Lining, an essential part of all good horse training programs

Horse Training - Lunge Lining Your Horse

Lunge lining is a method of horse training that involves driving your horse in a circle on a 20-meter rope called a lunge line, while using your voice and body language to control the horses movement and direction. It is an essential part of all good horse training programs.