A Checklist of Essential Livery Yard Facilities

Livery Yard Facilities Checklist

The vast majority of horse owners utilise the services and facilities of a professional livery yard for their stabling and grazing requirements.

Whether you have one horse or a dozen you need to make sure they are well cared for when you aren’t around to look after them.

You also need to ensure that they are comfortable and are exposed to minimum risk in their everyday environment.

So commit our basic livery services list to memory when you’re looking for new stabling or to change your existing livery yard.

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DIY livery, PART livery or FULL livery should always provide the following basic facilities.
  • A clear and simple livery agreement
  • All year grass turn out.
  • Well built secure stabling with adequate space to groom your horse
  • Well fenced paddocks with good quality grass and little or no ragwort
  • Unlimited use of menage with a good well tended surface
  • Personnel on site 24/7 & 365 days a year
  • A good awareness of horse health & safety and equine welfare
  • Secure tack room preferably alarmed and with CCTV
  • A reliable supply of hay and straw (or alternative bedding) at reasonable prices
  • A well maintained muck heap
  • Good livery owner facilities such as tea and changing room and toilets
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If paying above the average for your stabling

Then the following additional facilities should normally be included or available at an extra cost …

  • BHS qualified staff and BHS teaching staff
  • A well built and well surfaced indoor arena for ridden work in winter
  • Farrier and Vet visits supervised for you
  • Regular Dentist, Chiropractic or Physiotherapy visits
  • Solarium, horse wash and/or rug wash for hire at reasonable prices
  • Excellent horse owner facilities such as tea/changing room and toilets
  • Regular lecture demonstrations, in-house shows or educational programmes

DIY livery yard facilities :

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D.I.Y livery is a cost effective solution for the horse owner who has a limited budget and the time to care of their own horse.

DIY literally means do-it-yourself and you will be paying to hire a stable and for grass turnout.

You will be responsible for turning your horse out in the mornings, feeding your horse, grooming your horse, mucking out your stable, maintenance of your paddock (pooh picking) and bringing your horse in at night.

You will also have to supply your own hard feed, your own hay and your own straw or buy it directly from the yard owner.

Current typical weekly costs for DIY livery are in the region of £25 to £30 excluding hay and straw.

FULL livery livery yard facilities :

Full livery is usually available in various options and livery yard owners will detail various rates depending on the amount of work you wish them to do.

Typically, full livery means that the yard owner will turn out your horse, supply food and feed your horse, supply hay and straw and muck out your stable and then bring in and bed down your horse at night.

Typical costs are anywhere from £75 to £150 per week depending on how good the stabling and facilities are.

A compromise option is where the yard owners will do everything except the mucking out and reduce the cost pro-rata or they will do all the jobs from Monday to Friday and you do all the work at weekends.

This is usually known as Part Full Livery and is a medium cost option suitable for owners who work Monday to Friday. Typical costs are £45 to £55 per week.

There is also Working Full Livery (not to be confused with riding school working livery).

With this option the livery yard owner will do all of the normal jobs plus grooming and exercising your horse.

This is usually the most expensive option but allows the horse owner to simply turn up; tack up; get on; and then ride and go home.

Typical costs for Working Full Livery are between £95 and £250 per week depending on the amount of exercise or schooling work involved.

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