Equine Therapy in Linconshire

Equine Therapy practitioners in Lincolnshire … Including physiotherapy, aromatherapy and back muscle and joint specialists.

In the world of human medicine, physiotherapists, aromatherapists, reiki healers and chiropractors have been proven as an indispensable aid in the recovery of many muscloskeletal conditions.

Today equine therapy and other alternative areas of medicine are rapidly becoming a recognised tool in the prevention, cure, and rehabilitation of many equine injuries.

Find a local equine therapist who will diagnose and treat your horses injury and offer you advice on what you can do to ensure your horse remains fit and healthy.

No need to drive around Lincolnshire or call all the therapists in the phone book, just check our local listings and give your local equine physiotherapist or chiropractor a call.

Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Gwenn Smith Equine Muscle Release Therapy – 07754 664348

Wroot, Nr Epworth, Lincolnshire, UK

Equine Muscle Release Therapy is a Bowen therapy and Bowen is a gentle technique that empowers your horse’s own healing abilities. An EMRT treatment consists of sequences of precise moves at specific sites on the horses body, generally only needing 2-3 treatments to clear most conditions …

Gary Bosworth - Equine Empathy

Equine Empathy – 01522 827527

Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, UK

Gary Bosworth and Equine Empathy provide natural horsemanship help for people experiencing problems with their horse. Gary can help with loading problems, leading, leg and foot handling, napping and other aspects of horsemanship …

Lincolnshire Equine Therapist - Emma Bellamy

Emma Bellamy – 07794 604845

Covering Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire

Reiki is a natural and effective therapy suitable for all. I cover Grimsby Lincolnshire Yorkshire areas. Evening and weekend call outs are available at no extra charge…

Ray Smith Equine Therapist

Dr Ray Smith – 07790 701876 or (07870 772352 24hrs)

Covering Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire

Equine back muscle and joint specialist also pre and post event massage. What ever the problem (mental or Physical ) with you or your horse DR Ray Smith can sort it out. Ray comes from a well known horse background and has lived and worked all over the world with Horses …

David Veasey EqDT

David Veasey EqDT – 01529 241433

Covering Lincolnshire and around the country.

David Veasey EqDT is based in Lincolnshire, but works around the country as an equine dentist and professional horse clipper.

McTimoney-Corley Equine Spinal Therapist – 07751 473477

Covering Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, East Derbyshire and North Leicestershire

Faye Keyte BSc (Hons), Dip MCAM (OCEPT) – Gentle but very effective treatment beneficial for all types and levels of horses and ponies. This form of therapy is used to restore normal function to the musculoskeletal system thus alleviating pain and stiffness which in turn improves performance and
maximises comfort …

Sophie Ostler Equine Healer – 07853 435279

Covering Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and North Leicestershire

Do you have a problem horse or pony? Won’t load, bolshy leader, problem with the farrier, aggressive, nervous, separation anxiety, won’t stand still to be mounted, bucks, rears, bolts, naps, fear of clippers, umbrellas, plastic, hard to catch, tack up or rug up …

Banovallum Veterinary Group- Tel: 01507 522236 or 01507 523365

Prospect Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 5EE

Acunpuncture & Homeopathy, also offers herbal treatments – ask for David Hopper. Consultations take place at the practice by appointment. Cases must be referred by the owners veterinary surgeon.

Lisa Brooke BA(Hons), P.G.Dip, EBW – 07870 569011

Covering Lincolnshire

Equine Sports Therapist using McTimony manipulation along with sports massage, stress point therapy, Equissage and stretching exercising to relieve pain, restore movement and increase performance.

Robin Earnshaw Equine Dentist – 07986 625372

Covering Lincolnshire and around the country.

Equine Dental Technician. USA and BEVA trained. All areas covered. Prompt, patient and compassionate

Corrina Hardcastle Equine Dentist – 07984 570275

Covering Lincolnshire and around the country.

UK and Internationaly trained, Fully insured, IAED member

Pamela Bryan, Equine Back and Muscle Therapist – 01652 678962

Covering Lincolnshire

If your horse is experiencing behavioural problems, a sore back, head shyness, uneaven muscle tone, reluctant to jump or a whole host of other problems, then they could benefit from massage therapy. All work covered by full professional indemnity insurance.

Diane Cassels R.E.M.T Equine Massage – 07849 470124

Covering Lincolnshire

Offering a mobile service with my natural understanding and intuitive feelings with horses I am able to offer a rewarding Equine Massage Therapy Service, for both the horse as well as the owners peace of mind.. An alternative therapy used to promote the recovery of damaged tissue and prepare the horse for exercise. Equine Massage plays an active role in helping to maintain the older, younger, hard working and retired horse. A relaxed, stress free horse, is a happy horse.

Heather Petcher Equine Dentist – 07970 755954

All areas covered.

Mobile Equine Dentist. Teeth rasping and dental hygiene – UK Trained. NFU approved. Fully insured. Prompt, caring professional service.

Nikki Connell EDT – 07789 404422

Covering Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.

EQUINE DENTISTRY. Qualified through The British Equine Veterinary Assoc. and The British Veterinary Dental Assoc. UK/USA trained. Fully Insured, professional service.

David Waters Horse Dentist – 07771 783938

Midlands based covering Lincolnshire and around the country.

DEFRA/Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Qualified. Member of Worldwide Association of Equine Dentists. 14 years experience with all types of horses.

Topline Vet Physio Lincoln Topline Vet Physio is run by Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist Felicity Begley, providing specialist assessment and treatment of small and large animals …

EQUINE PHYSICAL THERAPY Helen Thornton travels mainly within the North of England. Her ambition is to be the equine physical therapist for leading horses of all disciplines. Distance …

Domingo Rider and Horse Sports Therapy 
Domingo Rider and Horse have been treating sports injuries and have been treating rider injuries for over thirty years, at the top level of international …

Pilates for Horse Riders I am qualified Pilates teacher and BHSAI and I run half day workshops specialising in Pilates for Horse Riders and how it can be used to help improve your …

Louisa Fear Equine Dentist Experienced horse dentist covering the midlands and parts of East Anglia. Routine and remedial dentistry undertaken. Competitive rates and patient, calm practioner…

Equihelp Training Need help with confidence or training your horse or pony? Equihelp has been created to help with confidence issues of both human and equine, horses and …

Mr Polly Rider Injuries Therapist  Mr Polly is a rider injuries therapist who has been treating people for over thirty years and is now offering his healing skills to the Horse Rider. If …

Pinklights Holistic Therapy PinkLights Holistic Therapies – Treatments for you and your horse. Problems with your horse or pony? Reiki may be just what you need.

Qualified, insured …

Who in the UK, can legally treat a horse.

Horse Vet Icon

Normal Veterinary Treatment: An interesting point on "normal veterinary treatment".

Not even a vet is entitled to administer a complimentary equine therapy treatment unless he or she has been properly trained to administer that particular treatment. For example a vet can’t give a homeopathic remedy or acupuncture to an animal unless they have been suitably trained to do so.

The Law in the UK is very clear about who can, and cannot treat animals and there are pitfalls that anyone owning or treating animals should be aware of. The owner and anyone treating an animal, may risk prosecution if they don’t get it right. For more detailed information see the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – Treatment of Animals by Non-Veterinary Surgeons

Subject to the Protection of Animals Act 1911 you as the OWNER of the animal can give whatever treatment you want to your animal. That is, any
treatment that does not involve intrusion into the animals body. For example you are not entitled by Law to give your animal an injection. You are
only able to give an injection if instructed to do so by your vet.

A Veterinary surgeon, under the terms of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, is legally able to give any normal veterinary treatment he or she deems appropriate to the animal in question.Your vet may also instruct a trainee vet, a vet nurse or a trainee vet nurse to administer treatments to an animal.