Horse Training: Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith

Horse Training - Sometimes it needs a leap of faith

You don’t have to have the next Olympic hopeful in your stable to want to improve your knowledge of horse training or aspire to be someone who can deal with a wide variety of horses and a wide range of schooling problems. Have faith in yourself and your horse and you’ll get there

Using a Double Bridle in Cross Country Riding

A double bridle is permitted in cross country riding, training and equestrian eventing but is rarely used today, the preference being for Pelhams, most riders fail to appreciate how strong horses can benefit from the checking action of the curb part of the double bridle

Grooming a Horses Tail and how to grow a thick luxurious tail

Plaiting a horses’ tail helps to show off the buttock, the line of the hindquarters and emphasise the movement of the hind legs. Grooming a horses tail is purely cosmetic and provides no health benefits other removing dirt and tangles, but a well plaited or braided tail does look lovely at a horse show

Using A Double Bridle with a Show Pony

The British Show Pony Society does not require a show pony to be in a double bridle but if you do use one you must know how to use it properly and it must be put together correctly with a bit that suits your pony

Leg Yielding Resistance by Jane Savoie

Jane Savoie explains how to overcome leg yielding resistance in your horse training. Why their horses leg yield very well sideways but tend to toss their heads and show resistance to the reins. You could be rein-yielding rather than leg yielding

Horse Care Videos – How to care for a horse

View our horse care videos to learn how to care for your horse or pony. From grooming your horse, cleaning your horse tack and mucking out your stables to keeping your horse happy. The horse care videos are from VideoJug …

The GP, All Purpose or General Purpose Saddle

The General Purpose Saddle is the most commonly used and most popular saddle used in horse riding. It evolved from the jumping saddle but the panels and flaps are straighter and the stirrup bars are positioned farther back

The Racing Saddle in Horse Training


A quick look at the different uses for the racing saddle. How both the race exercise saddle and the true race saddle are used in different ways.