Grooming a Horses Tail and how to grow a thick luxurious tail

Plaiting a horses’ tail helps to show off the buttock, the line of the hindquarters and emphasise the movement of the hind legs. Grooming a horses tail is purely cosmetic and provides no health benefits other removing dirt and tangles, but a well plaited or braided tail does look lovely at a horse show

When & How to Use a Double Bridle

When and why to use a double bridle ...

The double bridle is the bridle for the educated horse in the hands of the educated rider. Here’s why your horse must be balanced and established while working in a snaffle before a double bridle is ever considered

Leg Yielding Resistance by Jane Savoie

Jane Savoie explains how to overcome leg yielding resistance in your horse training. Why their horses leg yield very well sideways but tend to toss their heads and show resistance to the reins. You could be rein-yielding rather than leg yielding

The History of Horse Saddles and Stirrups

A short guide on the development & history of horse saddles and stirrups and how the demise of mounted warfare is moving riders back to close contact saddles and riding in a more relaxed and comfortable way for the horse

Using an exercise ball to get fit to ride

The exercise ball is the easy way to getting fit to ride

All riders should do something physical other than riding. The exercise ball routines we detail here are a simple way to improve your rider fitness and warming up before you ride will also enhance your ability to ride well. Fitness is important in any sport and if you take your sport seriously its important you take your own fitness seriously too