How To Improve Your Seat In Horse Riding

Improve Your Seat to Improve Your Riding

Whether a novice or experienced horse rider we can all benefit from improving our seat position. A good seat can solve a lot of problems from wobbly legs to your hip collapsing on one side and problems with insecure rein contact

Mucking out & all that walking will help but being fit to ride needs more

Get Fit to Ride & Improve Your Riding

You’ll be a better rider and a better competition team if both you and your horse are fit to ride. Some equestrian disciplines, such as polo, eventing or classical dressage demand a higher fitness level than others, but any rider who is fit to ride will actually have more fun riding. No matter what equestrian discipline they prefer

Correct Horse Head Conformation & Why it matters

Types of Horse Head Conformation

Above all the ideal horse head conformation in all horse breeds is a head with a relatively broad forehead. Beyond that their are horse breeds that are known for distinct head shapes and others that are prone to certain faults. Dished profiles, Roman noses, large or small nostrils and a good throatlatch are among the many things the horse owner has to know and consider …

A few tips for success at your next horse show

Horse show practice makes perfect

They say that practice makes perfect and that is most definitely true when it comes to competing in horse shows and equestrian events. Having the best equipment and the most fantastic horse also help, but for those of us with more basic tools to work with here are some horse show tips for success at your next equestrian event

How to Leg Yield | Training Your Horse

The leg yield is a useful equestrian exercise that is probably the easiest of all the lateral movements for your horse to learn and perform. Your horse is flexed away from the direction of movement and then asked to step …

Horse Teeth and the Equine Dentist

Horse Teeth Care & the Equine Dentist

What every horse owner needs to know about horse teeth and how to care for them. How equine teeth are affected by stabling and grazing and the conditions that can result from incorrect feeding and the lack of a varied diet

Horse Teeth Terms used by the Equine Dentist

Try to memorise as many and as much about these horse teeth terms, especially some of the most common terms. If you can grasp the basics you’ll understand more about your horse’s teeth and how to care for them

The Snaffle Bit in Horse Training

The Snaffle Bit in Horse Training

The snaffle bit is the most common type of bit used while riding horses. It is available in many different versions from the French link to the loose ring and eggbutt

Snaffle Bits and Curb Bits and which horse bit to use

Basic Horse Bits - Snaffle & Curb

If you look closely you’ll see that there are only two basic types of horse bit, the snaffle bit and the curb bit. They each do different jobs and all horse riders should know what those jobs are and when to use each bit.

Fitting a Horse Saddle Correctly. You know it's important

Saddle fitting Guide - the eventing saddle

A well fitting saddle moves with the horse’s motion. A saddle that rocks will often chase the riders seat at rising trot. Correct saddle fitting is too important to be left to chance or dictated by fashion trends. Fit your saddle to your horse not to your ego.

A how-to guide to fitting a double bridle properly

The Double bridle - The right aid in the correct hands

Some riders, particularly in dressage and showing competitions where it can be mandatory, find fitting a double bridle a daunting prospect. So, we’ve included here a fairly basic step by step guide on how to fit a double bridle. But, always remember the correct use and fitting of the double bridle is of great importance

A Guide to the Horse Bridle and its parts

The Horse Bridle in Horse Training & Riding

Your horses bridle is of paramount importance in every aspect of your riding and horse training. Not only must the bridle fit your horse perfectly, but it must encourage submission and acceptance of the bit without exerting undue pressure on your horses head

A Checklist of Essential Livery Yard Facilities

Livery Yard Facilities Checklist

Stabling and livery yard options and facilities can vary greatly, from the very basic to the prohibitively expensive. Knowing what to expect for your money and to ensure your horse is well cared for is essential

Using the Double Bridle (Weymouth & Bridoon) in Horse Riding

Correctly fitted double bridle

Ensure you know how and when to use a double bridle to avoid the disastrous consequences of novice use and incorrect fitting. There is nothing worse in horse training than placing advanced horse tack in the hands of an inexperienced or novice rider

Horse Training : Tips & Techniques on Groundwork Basics

Groundwork training. Building a horse with good manners

A few groundwork basics to help begin your horse’s education. Always keep in mind that groundwork training is ongoing, from the second you take your horse out of the stable to when you return to the stable or you turn your horse out.

A look at horse conformation and the points of the horse

Horse Conforrmation & Points of the Horse

The conformation of your horse refers to the correctness of its bone structure, musculature, and its body proportions. Both horse conformation and knowing the points of the horse are important to horse owners that want or have to to care for a horse; or are involved in the equestrian industry or equestrian competition

Grooming tools to make sure your horse is enjoying the grooming process

Learning grooming techniques and acquiring a full set of proper grooming tools will help you ensure your horse remains comfortable and enjoys the grooming process. Grooming has health benefits and domestic horses that are isolated from other horses should always by groomed by their owners

The Western Saddle or Cowboy Saddle

Very different to an English saddle the Western Saddle was intended to be used by cowboys who would have to spend all day in the saddle. Today there are many types of Western Saddle designed specifically for equestrian disciplines such as cutting, barrel racing, showing and endurance riding

Saddle Buying Tips - Buying a Western Saddle

Buying a Western Saddle

Having had one bad experience in purchasing a western saddle I thought this article might offer help to anyone thinking of starting western riding and who is thinking of buying a western saddle off-the-peg

Buying a Horsebox & Maintaining Your Horsebox

Buying a horsebox - The horsebox test drive

Buying a horsebox is a major purchase option and requires careful consideration. For most horse owners owning a good quality horsebox with living and plenty of room for horsey friends, is a dream come true. But practical matters should take precedence and running costs as well as the initial purchase price should be considered

Buying a Horse or Pony? Here's what you need to consider

Buying a Horse like Winnie is a big commitment

Buying a horse or pony is a big commitment, a standard horse can live to be 30 years old and will need to be provided with care, grooming, stabling, grazing, veterinary treatment and farrier or blacksmith treatment throughout its life.

The Endurance Saddle in Horse Training

The Endurance Saddle is a specialist horse saddle almost exclusively used for endurance riding or for long distance riding. You have to ride long in an endurance saddle

Long or Short Horse Arm Conformation, which suits your riding discipline best?

Horse arm conformation covers the horses humerus and radius. The arm bone is from the point of shoulder to the elbow. Its length dictates how tightly the elbow and lower joints can bend and reach for extension. A long arm bone or short arm bone can tell you whether a horse will be suitable for the riding you want to do …