No Hock No Horse ... Performance horse that is ...

Buying a Horse then Horse Hock Conformation Matters

Horse hock conformation matters because any breed can produce a horse with undersized or under-strength hocks, so if you’re interested in a performance sports horse, make sure you look at the hocks before you look at the color, the height or that pretty head

Farrier Training: Getting Your Horse to Stand

Farrier Training Your Horse

There are many horses that fidget, lean, snatch their feet away or worse still kick, when the farrier is attempting to trim their feet or shoe them. Proper farrier training will help prevent this

Learn about the Curb Bit. Both Western & English styles

The English & Western Curb Bit - Horse Riding

A curb bit uses leverage and includes the pelham bit and the Weymouth curb along with the traditional curb bit used by Western riders. The English & Western Curb Bits differ slightly on how they apply leverage but both work on several parts of the horses head and mouth

Choosing a Bridle For Your Horse

Horse Bridle Styles - hdr

The bridle is such an essential part of your horse tack, that you should make sure you choose the right type and size of bridle for your horse while considering the type of work you want your horse to do.

How does your local farrier care for your horse's feet & hooves

Farrier or Backsmith working on a horse

Your local equine farrier is usually very well qualified and should offer a full range of services including shoeing, remedial shoeing, trimming and advice on horse hoof health. even barefoot horses should be checked regularly by the farrier to ensure they are okay to ride without shoes

When and why to use a double bridle ...

When & How to Use a Double Bridle

The double bridle is the bridle for the educated horse in the hands of the educated rider. Here’s why your horse must be balanced and established while working in a snaffle before a double bridle is ever considered

The History of Horse Saddles and Stirrups

Horse Saddle Guide -

A short guide on the development & history of horse saddles and stirrups and how the demise of mounted warfare is moving riders back to close contact saddles and riding in a more relaxed and comfortable way for the horse

The exercise ball is the easy way to getting fit to ride

Using an exercise ball to get fit to ride

All riders should do something physical other than riding. The exercise ball routines we detail here are a simple way to improve your rider fitness and warming up before you ride will also enhance your ability to ride well. Fitness is important in any sport and if you take your sport seriously its important you take your own fitness seriously too

Good Ground Manners begin with proper Groundwork Training

Groundwork training. Building a horse with good manners

Groundwork training skills tips and techniques to improve both your horse and you the rider. Set and achieve training goals and build the horse you want. Happy Hacker or Dressage superstar its all achievable if you begin the right way

Horse not interested, are you and your horse in a rut?

Bored Horse. Are You & Your Horse In A Rut?

Just as with people, horses get tired of doing the same old thing over and over. Some bored horses will anticipate your aids if they are schooled too much in the same pattern. I’ve seen horses in the show ring that learn the pattern of gaits and then simply go through the motions without the riders help

Owning and Using a Horsebox

The Pros & Cons of Owning a Horsebox

Very few of us consider the practicalities of owning and using a horsebox or trailer before we buy one and if we are honest quite a few of us expect that our horse will instantly recognise a horsebox

Competing in Horse Shows can help you enjoy a full life

Competing at Horse Show Competitions

It doesn’t matter were they’re placed or how well they do, competing in horse shows is an excellent way for young riders to develop confidence and improve their horse riding abilities. Equestrian competitions are were they learn good sportsmanship and how to cope well with success and failure

A few useful riding tips ...

Tips & Advice to improve your horse riding - 300

Useful horse riding tips and equestrian advice including homemade horse treat recipes and different ways to think while riding. Plus resources to help you and your horse become a better partnership, and hopefully some that will save you a little money

Lunge Lining, an essential part of all good horse training programs

Horse Training - Lunge Lining Your Horse

Lunge lining is a method of horse training that involves driving your horse in a circle on a 20-meter rope called a lunge line, while using your voice and body language to control the horses movement and direction. It is an essential part of all good horse training programs.

The Basics of Horse Hoof Conformation

Horse Hoof & Foot Care - hdr

Horse hoof conformation is the result of 50 million years of the evolution of the horse and both wild and domesticated horses share a similar hoof shape even though they live in quite different conditions

Horse Saddles for each Equestrian Discipline

Horse Saddle Guide -

A guide on using the appropriate horse saddles in your preferred equestrian discipline. The uses and differences in saddles ranging from the general purpose saddle to the specialist dressage, racing and side saddles

Horses Feet - 30 Facts to ensure you have a sound horse

Horse Feet Facts - What Horse Owners Need to Know

Do you know that your horses feet have a landing side and a loading side or that your horses front feet should never be steeper than your horses hind feet? Or that your horses hoof quality is directly related to its moisture content, or the main essential functions the hoof performs? No! well isn’t it about time you did.

The Ideals & Affects of Good Horse Neck Conformation

A good equine neck conformation is advantageous in every equestrian sport. The horses neck should be flexible and work well for balancing the horse. The horse owner should look for a horse with a neck that is neither too bulky or to thin, long, or short. While taking breed characteristics into consideration.

The Challenges & Joys of Getting Back in the Saddle

Reriders Getting Back in the Saddle

Jumping on a horse and going hell for leather over a cross country course is fine when you’re young and fit, but getting back in the saddle when you’re older can offer some challenges. Older re-riders are a growing part of horse shows and equestrian centres are slowly recognising the need to cater to them. So, what are you waiting for?

Maintaining Your Horsebox

Horsebox Maintenance and maintaining your horsebox to keep your horse safe

Breaking down on a small country lane or on the motorway in the pouring rain with one or more horses in your horsebox, isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. The next time you’re organising your show schedule or busy checking your horse or pony, give a thought to your horsebox maintenance

Clipping Styles – Why Clip Your Horse & What Clip To Use?

Lincolnshire Show - Vincent Clipped & Winning

Owners mainly clip their horses coat to make their horse more comfortable in work, to work for longer and to prevent chills or overheating. Your horse will cool down and dry off much quicker without a full winter coat that traps sweat & heat. So, what’s the most suitable clip for your horse?

Really Simple Exercise Equipment... The Exercise Ball

Get yourself fit to ride your horse

Just sitting on an exercise ball at some point during the day, is a form of simple exercise and it helps to strengthen the core muscles that support your spine. And, that will get you fit to ride and improve your riding.

Properly Grooming a horses mane ... It's important

Plaiting and grooming a horses mane helps to show off the line of the neck and emphasis the neck conformation and overall look of the horse. Different types of mane pulls or cuts can be applied to different types of horse or even for competing in different types of horse shows or equestrian competitions