Lincolnshire Show - Vincent Clipped & Winning

Clipping Styles – Why Clip Your Horse & What Clip To Use?

Owners mainly clip their horses coat to make their horse more comfortable in work, to work for longer and to prevent chills or overheating. Your horse will cool down and dry off much quicker without a full winter coat that traps sweat & heat. So, what’s the most suitable clip for your horse?

Improve Your Seat to Improve Your Riding

How To Improve Your Seat In Horse Riding

Whether a novice or experienced horse rider we can all benefit from improving our seat position. A good seat can solve a lot of problems from wobbly legs to your hip collapsing on one side and problems with insecure rein contact

Types of Horse Head Conformation

Correct Horse Head Conformation & Why it matters

Above all the ideal horse head conformation in all horse breeds is a head with a relatively broad forehead. Beyond that their are horse breeds that are known for distinct head shapes and others that are prone to certain faults. Dished profiles, Roman noses, large or small nostrils and a good throatlatch are among the many things the horse owner has to know and consider …

Reriders Getting Back in the Saddle

The Challenges & Joys of Getting Back in the Saddle

Jumping on a horse and going hell for leather over a cross country course is fine when you’re young and fit, but getting back in the saddle when you’re older can offer some challenges. Older re-riders are a growing part of horse shows and equestrian centres are slowly recognising the need to cater to them. So, what are you waiting for?

Horse show practice makes perfect

A few tips for success at your next horse show

They say that practice makes perfect and that is most definitely true when it comes to competing in horse shows and equestrian events. Having the best equipment and the most fantastic horse also help, but for those of us with more basic tools to work with here are some horse show tips for success at your next equestrian event

Competing at Horse Show Competitions

Competing in Horse Shows can help you enjoy a full life

It doesn’t matter were they’re placed or how well they do, competing in horse shows is an excellent way for young riders to develop confidence and improve their horse riding abilities. Equestrian competitions are were they learn good sportsmanship and how to cope well with success and failure

Horse Teeth Care & the Equine Dentist

Horse Teeth and the Equine Dentist

What every horse owner needs to know about horse teeth and how to care for them. How equine teeth are affected by stabling and grazing and the conditions that can result from incorrect feeding and the lack of a varied diet