The costs of caring for a horse for anyone thinking of buying a horse

Horse Care & The Costs of Caring for a Horse

Some General guidelines on caring for a horse and pointers for those of you thinking of buying a horse. Owning a horse can be a very rewarding experience but, it means that you have accepted the responsibility of caring for your horse, for as long as it is a part of your life

How your vet and you can treat strangles

Any horse suspected of suffering from strangles should be isolated from all other horses and veterinary advice should be sought immediately, but there are things you can do for your horse, to make it comfortable and ensure it has the best chance of recovering from a strangles infection

The main causes of laminitis. Food digestion or toxins or both?

Horse laminitis - Causes & Treatment

When your horses food isn’t broken down properly acids and toxins are produced which can affect the sensitive laminae in the hoof and foot. Swelling or inflammation of the hoof laminae mean it can’t hold the pedal bone in place and this can cause severe pain …

How to Prevent Laminitis ... Prevention is better & cheaper then a cure!

The Best Advice for How to Prevent Laminitis … If you have a laminitic horse or pony or one that is prone to laminitis, never allow your horse or pony to become overweight. Of course in a perfect equestrian world that would be easy, but in our imperfect horsey world it gets a little more complicated …

The Horse Hoof and Equine Foot Care

Horse Hoof & Foot Care - hdr

Professional fully qualified farriers know more about the horse hoof and equine foot than any other individual. As a horse owner you should understand how your horses’ feet function and what you can do to keep them healthy. But, when it comes to care you should always seek the advice of a qualified farrier

Try our natural homemade fly spray recipe

Natural Fly Spray Recipe

An organic homemade fly spray, a truly natural fly repellent that helps make sure you know what you are spraying on your horse. A horse care essential that will help save you some money while looking after you horse in the process

Treating Navicular in Horses

Equine Navicular in Horses

Treating navicular disease in horses is quite difficult but there are many ways to relieve the pain of navicular disease so that your horse can still live a relatively pain free existence and be able to continue on as normal

How does your local farrier care for your horse's feet & hooves

Farrier or Backsmith working on a horse

Your local equine farrier is usually very well qualified and should offer a full range of services including shoeing, remedial shoeing, trimming and advice on horse hoof health. even barefoot horses should be checked regularly by the farrier to ensure they are okay to ride without shoes

Equine Strangles: be aware of the symptoms & signs of strangles

Symptoms of horse strangles

Why should you know the symptoms and take horse strangles seriously. Well apart from the problems of long-term guttural pouch carriers, strangles recovered horses can shed Strep equi from their nose and in their saliva for up to 6 weeks following infection. Horses that have been infected with equine strangles should be isolated from other animals. Knowing the signs & symptoms will help you keep your horse safe

Learn the equine intestinal parasite or horse worms life cycle. Know your enemy ...

Horse Worms Life Cycle - The redworm in droppings

It’s up to you to make sure your worming program and de-wormers will eradicate equine intestinal parasites and your horses worms by learning the worms life cycle and using an effective worming program to keep your horse healthy. Intelligent worming can help but also make sure you don’t use the same horse wormer continually. Continual use of a single wormer will only increase the horse worms immunity

What are the Equine Navicular Symptoms?

Equine Navicular in Horses

While walking, the horse with equine navicular disease tends to place its weight on the toe to avoid placing pressure on the heel area, which contains the inflamed navicular bone and bursa

What Causes Horse Colic and Why is Colic so Common in Horses?

The symptoms of horse colic - click to download

Did you know there is an increased risk of your horse developing colic where you have a full time job, a hectic social life and a DIY stable environment but you don’t have sufficient hired help to maintain a high level of care, especially during the winter months. Good quality horse care is key to preventing horse colic

How can you tell if your horse is lame? Lameness checks ...

Checking lameness in horses

Unlike dogs, our horses can’t tell us when they are hurt. Dogs will whine or whimper to show distress, but your horse is a prey animal and prey animals don’t make any sounds to show they are weak or hurt. Just in case those nasty wolves & lions find out. So, it’s up to you, the horse owner, to check for signs of lameness in your horse.

Lupines, Ragwort & Other plants toxic to horses & horse health

Lupines &other plants toxic to horses

Studies by the Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine suggest that horses kept in stables or dirt paddocks are more likely to sample anything green and ingest plants toxic to horses’. Your horse can also accidentally ingest toxic plants and they can acquire a taste for some, such as acorns and ragwort dried in hay. Know what you need to keep away from you horse

Laminitis Symptoms and the signs to look out for ...

Equine Laminitis Signs & Symptoms

Equine laminitis doesn’t just affect fat ponies, it can be found in any horse prone to the condition. Spotting laminitis symptoms and knowing the difference between chronic laminitis and acute laminitis is important as by the time your horse adopts the classical laminitis stance, some damage has already been done to the sensitive laminae …

What Causes Horse Sarcoids

Horse Sarcoids Causes

A UK vet has quite possibly linked common face flies to the spread of sarcoids, but it is commonly thought that a papilloma virus (wart) is probably what causes horse sarcoids

Prevent Equine Strangles on your livery yard or riding school

Horse Strangles - Streptococcus equi

Several common sense measures can be taken to prevent strangles affecting horses at a livery yard or riding school. Prevention is better than cure and horse owners themselves should always be aware of strangles outbreaks in their area. You are responsible for your horse’s welfare and you should insist your livery yard or riding school take preventive measures

Horse Sarcoids the Types and Causes & Should You Buy That Horse

What are Equine Sarcoids & How to treat horse sarcoids

Should you buy a horse with equine sarcoids? Before you decide you need to understand what horse sarcoids are, the different types of sarcoids and how they can affect what you want to do with your horse. Buying a horse with sarcoids is also a major consideration …

The Horse Skeleton & how your horse is put together

The horse skeleton its important to horse owners

The horses skeleton provides support for its muscles; protection for the horse’s internal organs; and has enough mobility built into its various parts that the horse can move smoothly at differing speeds and still lie down, graze or do both at the same time.

Regularly worming your horse is essential to ensure good horse health

Horse Wormers- Equest pramox & other commercial wormers

There are a wide range of commercial horse wormers on the market, all of which are available from both online and offline sources. But don’t just automatically choose the cheapest product. Instead use a little knowledge and put together a more effective de-worming program that will improve the health of your horse

How to Measure a Horse. Calculating the Horses' Height & Weight

How To Measure Your Horse

How you can measure a horse using a standard inch tape to calculate weight. Demonstrating how to measure height in hands high (hh) or centimetres (cm), using heart girth and body length. All important if you are to feed your horse correctly and provide the correct medication amounts

Can you tell a horses age from its teeth growth? We can ...

Horses Age from teeth growth

Estimating a horses age from teeth growth is an old nearly forgotten art that some horse owners take in their stride while others just wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Here’s what to look for including graphics that help you compare the teeth growth at each age