Horseback Riding in the USA

Discover the fantastic range of equestrian activities and facilities on offer in the USA.
From horse camps and trail rides to boarding stables, rodeo and riding lessons in all 50 US States.

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Horseback riding in America can be the most enjoyable and relaxing way to get back to nature or it can be the most competitive sport imaginable.

Let us help you find local horseback riding in individual US States. Everything from stable yards, barns and horse riding vacations to western riding, English Riding, dressage, showjumping, roping, reining, rodeo and all things in between.

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Learn about horse riding in the beautiful states of Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, California and every other US state.

Horseback riding in the USA really is an enjoyable and relaxing way to get back to nature

But; it can also be the most exciting and competitive sport imaginable. Visit any local Rodeo to drink in the enthusiasm and excitement of die-hard rodeo fans & riders.

Visit a barrel racing competition, or trace the rise of American dressage riders and top class showjumpers to see how seriously Americans take their horse riding skills.

American Horse Industry

Horse’s in the USA

The horse industry in the United States contributes $39 billion in direct economic impact to the US economy and supports 1.4 million jobs on a full-time basis.

When indirect and induced spending are included, the industry’s economic impact reaches $102 billion.

The horse population in the USA has reached 9.2 million …

2005 The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on the United States (AHC)

However, riding in the USA, can be much more complex than just jumping on a horse and galloping across the plains.

There’s rider training, horse care, travel and horse feed to consider and, the welfare of your horse should always come first.

American Horse Icon

Horse Riding in the USA encompasses many styles and seats

These include the Saddle Seat, Stock Seat, Dressage Seat, Balanced Seat, Military Seat and Forward Seat.

Neither one is distinctly the American method of riding, rather the United States is a gathering of various cultures and groups and this applies as much to USA horse riders, as well as horse riding and horsemanship, as it does to everyday life.

So, what horseback riding is available in the USA

To find out, Use the quick links in the US map to check out Dude Ranches, Trail rides, Summer Camps and Cattle Drives in that state.

Check our equestrian events diary and the horse riding vacations available in the US state you’re planning to visit.

And if you run a horse camp, trail ride or offer any type of equestrian service … be sure you add your USA equestrian website to your US State section. Help our horse owners and riders find you; easily.