Buying A Horse with Potential

Buying Horse with Potential - Its a gamble

Think long and hard before buying a horse that is advertised as having potential …

Potential to go far, Terrific Potential in the Right Hands, Potential Dressage Star.

We continually see horse for sale ads that include some of the above terms and feel it is important that every potential horse owner realises that … You should only buy a horse with potential if you have the ability to bring out the full potential of the horse.

Buying a horse with potential is a gamble nothing less and nothing more

Winnie - A horse with potential

You will have to invest significant time and training and a lot more money before you see that potential realised.

So, always compare that potential with the price of a fully trained horse that has a few ribbons under its bridle.

And always assess your own goals and your own horse training ability before you start dreaming about a potential finished product.

And; always, always, always, ride any horse that’s advertised as having potential on at least three separate occasions.

Making sure you do so on different days of the week and at different times of the day to get an overall picture of what that potential truly is and how much work will be involved in bringing it out.

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