Burghley Pony Club – Arena UK



February 19, 2016 10:00 am

Arena UK

Allington Lane, Allington, Grantham NG32 2EF

01476 591569

Burghley Pony Club Half Term Rally – Arena UK

Come and do some intensive training indoors at Arena UK this Half Term.
Grid & Flat work with Lynne Cornell

Arena UK February 19th 2016 from 10:00am to 1:00pm
One hour session for those jumping 70 to 80cms, 80 to 90cms and 90cms and above.

Please send cheques, payable to The Burghley Pony Club, for £20 to Rachel Rowley, River House, Main Street, Careby, Stamford, PE9 4EA

Contact Tel: 07901 751951
Email: Rachel@bughleyponyclub.co.uk

Burghley Pony Club Rallies

Members are put into age-related groups and work with an instructor. At some rallies members work on a specified discipline e.g. dressage, cross country etc. and some are general rallies where several different disciplines are covered.

Burghley Pony Club Rallies are very social events where like-minded youngsters forge lasting friendships.

Rallies are open to all ages and abilities unless specified otherwise.