Horse Riding in Texas, USA

Horse Riding in Texas, USA

There are a number of common horse breeds to choose from if you go horse riding in Texas.

Types of Horses in Texas …

Popular breeds include the Arabian, Quarter Horse, Welsh Pony, Thoroughbred, Appaloosa, Rocky Mountain and Palomino.

Each horse breed is uniquely suited for different types of activities and sporting events.

The Thoroughbred, for instance, is universally regarded as the ‘king of horses’.

Its beauty, strength and proven endurance in horse racing events from the Kentucky Derby to Ascot Races in England support its pedigree.

All thoroughbreds are directly descended from three Arabian stallions, the Byerly Turk (1689), the Darley Arabian (1705) and the Godolphin Arabian (1728), in England in the late 17th and early 18th century.

Texas State Flag

Texas Facts

Texas held the world’s first Rodeo in the town of Pecos in 1883. The state is however remembered more for the ‘Battle of Alamo’ in 1836, which resulted in the deaths of all its defenders; and for the first word spoken by the US astronaut during the first landing on the moon on July 20, 1969.

Houston, Texas was the venue for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.

In addition the state also lays claim to the country’s second largest concentration of lakes and streams, after the State of Alaska, making horse riding in Texas a real equestrian adventure for all who try it.

Horse Riding Events in Texas

Many horse riding events and facilities can be found throughout Texas, at anytime of the year.

The Running R Ranch in Bandera County provides horse riding into the ?Hill Country State Natural Area? with over 5000 acres of peaceful nature to enjoy.

While the Hill Country Equestrian Lodge provides horse riding vacations, including Whole Horsemanship Rider Clinics to help you improve your riding skills, as well as a Girls Summer Riding Camp.

The Dallas Fort Worth Dude Ranches are open all year round, for horseback riding, hayrides and lots of fun horsey activities.

Yep; horse riding in Texas is a completely different experience when compared to the rest of the USA.

Texas has a lot to offer both casual horse riders and equestrian sportsmen alike.

Horse riding in the Texas countryside offers everyone the chance to explore its vast natural beauty and discover new horse trails and vistas. Something made very easy due to the many excellent Texas state and national parks.

Next time you head to Texas on vacation, be sure to include horse riding as one of your fun activities.

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