Horse Riding in Oregon, USA

Spectacular Coastlines, Mountains or Forests, Horse riding in Oregon offers the perfect horseback riding experience.

Horse riding in Oregon is popular due to the states legendary natural beauty and the many horse trails available for riders.

The states natural beauty can be astounding and its evergreen mountain forests, waterfalls, pristine lakes, and scenic beaches draw equestrian visitors year after year.

It is a dramatic land consisting of the rugged Oregon seacoast, the high mountain passes of the Oregon Cascades, lush greenery, magnificent waterfalls, and the stone lava beds and Ponderosa pines of the high desert.

And thanks to the many top quality equestrian centers in Oregon, local residents and equestrian visitors enjoy horse riding throughout the year.

But; trail riding and trekking are just as popular as the fantastic equestrian events and competitions Oregon has to offer.

Oregon Facts

Oregon State Flag

The state of Oregon is on the Pacific Northwestern side of the USA. The state capital is Salem, but the largest city in the state is Portland.

Oregon’s climate is influenced by the Pacific Ocean, especially on the western side. In general it’s mild, but the state can be hit by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Horse riding in Oregon is enjoyed all year round and Oregon’s state parks and riding trails make riding a real pleasure.

Popular Breeds of Horse in Oregon

Of the many horse breeds encountered in Oregon, the most important and iconic horse breed in the state is the Quarter horse.

The Quarter horse is world-renowned for being the best horse breed in short distance sprint competitions. And; is also known for its great performances in rodeos and horse shows. (see origins of the Quarter Horse for more info)

Both standardbred and thoroughbred horses are also popular in Oregon, and are available throughout the state.

Whatever your favorite choice of horse, every rider, has to be excited at the prospect of trail riding in Oregon.

Ride the Oregon Coast Horse Trails as they meander across the forested slopes of Cape Mountain, high above the Pacific Ocean.

Or live your Wild West Adventure in Central Oregon and make your cowboy or cowgirl dreams come true. Explore the open range on horseback, travel a dusty trail by covered wagon or even ride the rails with the Jesse James gang.

Horse Shows & Equestrian Events in Oregon …

Oregon boasts some of the finest horse shows in the USA and horse riding is a very important part of Oregon’s community life, there are horse shows, horse auctions and horse competitions taking place in Oregon at least once a month. The state is also host to a wide variety of summer camps for children.

The Miss EPR Tryouts and the Oregon High School Rodeo are two of the largest events that are held in the state.

The Oregon State Fair Horse Show is a multi-breed 11-day horse show located in the Historic Horse Show Stadium built in 1921

Top Equestrian Centers in Oregon

Many of the best equestrian centers in the United States are in Oregon and the most popular include the Oregon Horse Center, the Canby Equestrian Center, and the Pacific Equestrian Center. These quality equestrian centers offer their clients, learn to ride programs, advanced riding classes, and summer camps for children.

Action Rider Tack Action Rider Tack is owned by Candy Kahn, and is located near the historic town of Jacksonville in Southern Oregon. Candy has ridden horses for almost 25 years …

Three Gaits Horse Center Oregon

Three Gaits Horse Center – 541 582-8025

P.O. Box 1134, Rogue River, Oregon, OR 97537

Just a few miles from the scenic town of Rogue River in southern Oregon. Our 45 acre equestrian facility is set in beautiful surroundings, and features an indoor Olympic size dressage arena and a spacious outdoor arena. We offer summer camps, riding instruction and riding vacations

Oregon Horse Center

Oregon Horse Center – 541 689-9700

90751 Prairie Rd, Eugene Oregon, OR 97402

One of the finest horse show and boarding facilities in the Pacific Northwest. We’re located on 45 acres in the beautiful Willamette Valley. We offer equestrian activities, horse boarding and are well known for Mountain Trail Competitions and The Eugene Pro Rodeo

Horse riding in Oregon offers horseback riders the thrill and excitement of all types of riding.

Oregon residents and visitors can choose horse riding in the high mountain forest trails, on the beaches of the Pacific, or in one of the many stunning forests.

The mountain forest trail rides offer riding alongside mountain lakes and the many coastal trails offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Horseback riding in Oregon really is an unmissable experience.