Horse Riding in Oklahoma, USA

Horseback Riding in Oklahoma, USA

Ranches, equestrian recreation areas and horseback trails make horse riding in Oklahoma the ride of a lifetime.

Oklahoma offers a variety of equestrian services, as well as beautiful riding trails and a wide variety of horse breeds.

The prairies and eastern forests of Oklahoma are an excellent backdrop for horseback riding. and anyone interested in horse riding in Oklahoma will be in for a real treat.

Oklahoma is a Horse Friendly State.

Oklahoma has fifty state parks, six national parks, two national protected grasslands and a network of wildlife preserves and conservation areas. Large herds of American Bison inhabit the prairie regions

The Tulsa State Fair is Oklahoma’s premier equestrian event and includes classes for Arabians, the Draft Horse, Paints’, Pintos’, Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs and a roundup and riding club day.

Rodeos are popular throughout Oklahoma, and Guymon in the state’s panhandle, hosts one of the largest Rodeo’s in the USA.

About Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Flag

Oklahoma is a South Central American State, its name is derived from the words ‘okla’ and ‘humma’ which when translated from Choctaw means ‘red people’.

Oklahoma was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and became a state in 1907. The state offers a land of low hills, fertile plains, and mountainous regions. The average climate is temperate, and the state experiences four distinct seasons.

The average temperature in the summer months can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter the temperature gets as low as 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means horse riding in Oklahoma can offer a different experience in each season.

Horse Breeds in Oklahoma …

Oklahoma offers several types of horse breeds.

The most popular horse breeds in the state include; the Draft horse, the Morgan horse, the Quarter horse, and the Arabian horse.

There are many horse farms in the state offering horses for sale which are suitable for pleasure riding or equestrian competition use.

There are also many riding trails to choose from in Oklahoma, although before hitting the trails, all riders should research the destination as riding difficulty and experience levels can be vary. Some of the riding trails are only for the more experienced rider.

One relatively easy, but scenic route that requires a ride permit is the Lake Arcadia trail, which includes lake access for watering your horse.

Horseback riding in Chickasaw National Recreation Area offers us the Rock Creek trail system.

Horse Shows & Riding Events in Oklahoma …

Horse owners and riders can enjoy some of the USA’s most prestigious horse shows and competitive equestrian events in Oklahoma, which offers a wide variety of horseback riding events throughout the year.

One of the most popular events is the Oklahoma Centennial Horse Show, which occurs every April in Oklahoma City. This show features Saddlebred, Roadster, Hackney, and Morgan classes.

Oklahoma City also hosts the Grand National Morgan Show and the American Quarter Horse Association World Show

The Tulsa Classic, is scheduled at the end of April in Tulsa, and features varied disciplines plus a Grand Prize of $25,000, which makes it a very well attended event.

Of course, there are also a great many local horse shows held in every part of the state as well; including the Deep Fork Cutting Horse Association Holiday Classic in Bristow and

Popular Equestrian Centers in Oklahoma

There are many different equestrian centers offering horse riding in Oklahoma. A few of the most well regarded are the Cadence Equestrian Center, Cross Timbers Equestrian Center, and Wood Guest Ranch and Equestrian Center. All of which are friendly local riding centers that offer facilities and services to improve your horse riding, and to board your horse.

Rocky River Equestrian Center

Cross Timbers Equestrian Center – 405 364-3444

Barbara & Scott Koenig, 4031 120th Ave NE, Norman, OK 73026

Cross Timbers Equestrian Center was created in 2003 so offer quality Dressage and Jumping Training Facilities in the Norman, Oklahoma area. Our riding lessons cover all aspects of riding and good horsemanship. We also offer full service board witha choice of either Indoor Stall or Outdoor Pasture board.

Bridlewood Equestrian Center Oklahoma

Bridlewood Equestrian Facility – 405 771-3606

5300 N. Air Depot Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK

The largest horse boarding facility In Oklahoma City. with 120 acres of private land designated for the comfort, care and enjoyment of you and your horse. Our boarders that are friendly and gregarious, they enjoy horse related activities together, no matter what type of tack they choose to ride in.

Horseback Riding in Oklahoma, USA
Flat plains, praries and rolling hills, Oklahoma offers a wonderful landscape for the horse rider.

Herds of Bison, Cowboy Ranches, state parks and recreation areas, plus excellent riding trails, it all make horse riding in Oklahoma the ride of a lifetime.

Where else can you enjoy everything equestrian, from the largest rodeo in the USA to the majesty of horseback riding across the prairie.