Horse Riding in New York, USA

Horseback Riding in New York, USA

New York is one of the largest US States, and horse riding in New York offers trails that are perfect for horseback riding.

Horse riding is an exceptional way of spending a few hours away from a stressful and noisy metropolitan area like New York city.

But living in the New York State makes for better horse riding than living in New York City, which is the most populated city in the United States, with over 8 million residents inhabiting an area of only 305 square miles.

New York State Riding Trails are awesome to ride …

New York State Flag

Although it may not seem like a good place for such a demanding green space activity, enjoying horse riding in New York is easily done if you simply choose wisely from some of the multitude of horseback riding trails available.

The Adirondack Park for example, is approximately the size of the state of Vermont, and is the grandest park in the United States.

Cascade Lake is one of two wilderness lake rides, another being the trail around Moss Lake, which is 3 1/2 miles long.

And, horseback riding in New York state can really be enjoyed if you visit the Great Appalachian Valley, which dominates the eastern side of New York. Try Otter Creek one of the most popular trail rides.

Equestrian Centers, Riding Facilities & Horse Riding in New York

New York State features an extraordinary range of equestrian centers & horse riding facilities from Tamarack and Sand Hill Stables in the North to Rolling Stone Ranch in Bethel in the South.

Bronx Equestrian Center New York

The Bronx Equestrian Center

9 Shore Road, NY 10464 – (718) 885-0551

Located in Pelham Bay Park and open every day, all year round from 9 am until the sun sets. Bronx Equestrian Center offers Western and English styles of riding for all levels of experience and interest

Essex Equestrian Center New Tork

The Essex Equestrian Center – (973) 731-4182

12 Woodland Ave. 22 West Orange, NJ 07052-3660

The Essex is another equestrian center visited regularly by those who enjoy horse riding in New York. This large facility offers more than 35 training horses and ponies, outdoor riding, quality instruction for novice and advanced riders, competitions and horse shows.

Equine Athletic Club Long Island New York - logo

The Equine Athletic Club – (631) 343-9090

6 Clifford Lane, Medford, NY 11763

The Equine Athletic Club is a a small thoroughbred rehab and retraining center with a focus on eventing and bringing up a strong rider. It was established in 2017 as a place for riders and fitness enthusiasts to come together as one.

A few New York State facts …

New York State Flag

The state of New York is located in the Northeastern area of the United States. It is the country’s third most populous state, comprising many state parks and two large forest preserves.

The climate in New York ranges from warm humid summers to bitterly cold winters.

New York state was once the homeland of several Native American groups, who were living in the area when Dutch settlers arrived at the beginning of the 17th century.

Types of Horse Breeds found in New York

The state comprises plenty of horse breeds, including more popular ones like the American Saddlebred, Appaloosa, Arabian, Morgan, Mustang, Paint, Quarter Horse and the Warmblood.

For New York City inhabitants, spotting horse-drawn carriages is anything but peculiar as metropolitan people love to explore the beauty of Central Park in a lovely carriage drawn by horses of various breeds.

If you prefer actually riding a horse, New York has plenty of riding trails to do this, including those at the Crosspatch, Inc. where custom guided trail rides are offered, as well as overnight camping and cabins by a truly astonishing creek.

Horse Riding Events in New York

Hosted by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of New York, the Syracuse International Horse Show is a must-see for any horse lovers travelling through the state at the end of June.

Another event is the New York State Fairgrounds, in Syracuse; a show offering a total prize fund of $50,000.

Horse lovers or people interested in horse riding in New York should definitely take a break during May to enjoy the event sponsored by the New York State Horse Breeders Association.