Horse Riding in New Mexico, USA

Horse Riding in New Mexico USA

Spectacular views & rich cultural influences make horse riding in New Mexico a must do …

Horse riding has been connected with New Mexico ever since it was inhabited by Native Americans.

Some tribes still populate this large state, mostly the Navajo and Pueblo people who can often be seen riding their horses through the rose-colored wastelands of New Mexico.

Horse riding in New Mexico can be very exciting, especially for nostalgic riders who are passionate about Native American tales and legends. Riding alongside the Rio Grande

River and seeing 60-foot-high white gypsum sand dunes at White Sands National Monument adds to the excitment.

As does the thought that Kit Carson, Geronimo, and Billy the Kid have all been a part of the state’s rich history.

If you enjoy the kind of scenery depicted in western movies, you?ve just got to take your horse riding in New Mexico.

New Mexico State Flag

New Mexico Facts

New Mexico in the southwest of the USA.

The state bird is the roadrunner and the state is nicknamed the ‘Land of Enchantment’.

A high percentage of Native Americans still live in the state, adding to its various cultural influences, which include Mexican and Hispanic.

To some New Mexico may seem arid & dry, but the mountainous north is heavily forested.

Trail rides, history & stunning views make horse riding in New Mexico an epic riding experience.

Popular Breeds of Horse in New Mexico

When it comes to the number of horses found within the New Mexico borders, one thing is certain: horse lovers will have difficulties in choosing a favorite horse for there are more than 100,000 horses roaming the grand plains.

There are many different horse breeds but one of the most popular horse breeds amongst riders is the Quarter horse,

The breed is known as the first breed native to the U.S. and appreciated for its athletic constitution and high speeds over short distances.

You can really enjoy horse riding in New Mexico riding on the abundant horse trailss, such as those found in the Bluewater Lake State Park or the Coyote Creek State Park.

Horse Shows & Riding Events in New Mexico …

But; New Mexico isn’t all horse trails, you can also enjoy plenty of horse shows and eqestrian events.

One of the most renowned events associated with horse riding in New Mexico is the NMHJA Spring Show, which is held in April in Albuquerque. It’s a Hunter Jumper type show, during which horse riders can take classes or practice jumping.

Other events include those connected to the Southwest Quarter Horse Association which place in Las Cruces.

And there’s the New Mexico State Fair Horse Shows, featuring a very long list of horse breeds in one fair.

Popular Equestrian Centers in New Mexico …

Southern New Mexico marks the location of the Equibest Equestrian Center which is a premiere horse training facility. This center offer a wide range of services such as English riding lessons, and full horse training. Another popular facility is based in Sangre de Cristo which translates into the Blood of Christ. The mountainous scenery found here exposes the renowned Taos Equestrian Center where people can enjoy the equestrian services offered, including horse boarding, riding lessons, training and clinics.

Grindstone Stables New Mexico

Grindstone Stables – 575 257-2241

523 Resort Drive, Ruidoso, New Mexico, NM 88345

Grindstone Stables has been offering horseback rides for over 20 years. We cater to families and beginners, though our scenic trail will delight all ages and abilities of rider.

Santa Fe Stables New Mexico

Santa Fe Stables – 505 231-7113

Black Mesa, 115 NM Hwy, 399 Espanola, New Mexico, NM 87532

Santa Fe Stables is offers private guided horseback trail rides. We are the only stable that offers exclusively private rides so every ride is a unique and special experience.

Horse riding in New Mexico is definitely something worth trying

The spectacular views in New Mexico state combine with rich cultural influences to make it a really interesting place.

It’s well worth combining a sightseeing tour with the excitement of horseback riding.

But, whether you’re a local resident or an equestrian tourist, you should definitely add horse riding in New Mexico to your list of things to do.