Horse Riding in Nevada, USA

Cowboys & spectacular wilderness, horse riding in Nevada offers the riding enthusiast a real western riding experience.

Nevada is one of the few places in the USA, where avid horse riders can really experience the unrivaled thrill and excitement of the sport.

Horse riding in Nevada is enjoyed by almost all who try it and planning a vacation to the state is a fantastic choice.

There is an excellent selection of dude ranches and equestrian centers to be found in Nevada, as well as a large number of popular horse breeds.

All of which, will make your Nevada horseback riding adventure something really rather special.

Nevada Facts

Nevada State Flag

Nevada, the 7th largest state, has a population of 2.7 million and is located in the mountainous western area of the USA.

Two thirds of the population live in the Las Vegas area.

The name Nevada comes from ?Sierra Nevada?, which in Spanish stands for snowcapped mountain range.

The area of Nevada located south of the Great Basin is right in the Mojave desert, while Lake Tahoe is located on the western mountainous side of Nevada.

This spectacular geography makes horse riding in Nevada a real adventure.

Popular Breeds of Horse in Nevada …

Nevada is the natural habitat for the most iconic horse in the United States, the mustang.

The mustang is a world renowned horse breed. It is a direct descendent of the first horse’s ever brought to the North American continent by the Spanish.

Mustangs are among the few remaining wild horse breeds and they are protected by US law, although they have disappeared from several states in the last few decades.

A number of other horse breeds can also be found in the state including the Quarter Horse, Paint and Thoroughbred.

Horse Shows & Events in Nevada …

The state of Nevada offers the perfect setting for both horse and rider, and is home to a great variety of equestrian events, shows and competitions that take place each year.

The most important equestrian events that take place in Nevada are the annual ?WNHA Open Shows and Gymkhanas? and the Back Country Horsemen of America show, which takes place on a monthly basis.

For something different there’s the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada

And, of course there are some fantastic trail rides in Nevada.

The East Humbolt Wilderness has over 90 miles of horse trails.

The Ruby Mountains Wilderness has over 300 miles of horse trails with Elko in the north of the State offering some beautiful scenic rides.

Popular Riding Facilities & Equestrian Centers in Nevada

Nevada has a very large community of horse lovers and riders, hence, there are many large equestrian centers in the state. Some of the popular equestrian centers in Nevada are the Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center, the Square One Equestrian Center, and Stovall Ranch Appaloosas. All of these equestrian centers offer top quality boarding and training services for both beginners and experienced riders.

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Nevada

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center – 775 265-7371

551 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, Nevada, NV 89460

sheridan EC boasts a very active riding program offering group and private riding lessons. The Equestrian Center consists of 76 acres with many amenities. It currently has a large outdoor arena, a 200×85 indoor riding arena, and 7 stall and 10 stall barns with large paddocks

Cowboy Trail Rides

Cowboy Trail Rides – 702 387-2457

SR 159, W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada

Cowboy Trail Rides is located only a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, in the heart of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. With miles of riding trails in a magnificent desert setting. Guided by friendly professional wranglers and mounted on our beautiful, well-trained horses, our guests enjoy spectacular back-country trail rides

Horse Farrier Icon

Greg Gananian Horse Shoeing – 530 370-6830

Servicing Butte, Yuba, Sutter, Nevada, Tehama counties. Certified by the American Farrier Association. Hot, cold and corrective shoeing or trims. Competitive prices for todays economy.

Horse riding in Nevada will offer you a completely new and unique horseback riding experience

An experience that will be better than you could ever dream. The vast geography of the state of Nevada means your riding adventure can be as calm or as thrilling as you like.

In addition, excellent riding trails available around equestrian centers and ranches like the Great Basin National Park and East Humbolt Wilderness, make horse riding in Nevada a one of a kind experience.