Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

If you enjoy riding horses then there are some great opportunities for you in Mississippi …

Riding horses is something that is enjoyed in all 50 US States, but if you are looking for a unique equestrian experience, Mississippi offers everything any horse rider could wish for.

The wonderful river views, acres of forests, fantastic state parks and superb trail rides are just icing on your equestrian cake.

Mississippi also offers riders that wonderful mild climate that makes it possible to enjoy horseback riding all year long.

Add all this to a wide variety of well attended horse shows, equestrian events and superb equestrian centers and horse riding in Mississippi really does feel like equestrian paradise.

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Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

Mississippi is in the Southern United States and Jackson is the capital city.

The state was named after the Mississippi river, which flows along the western border of the state. In fact, the word ‘Mississippi’ itself is derived from the Ojibwa word ‘misi-ziibi’, which means Great River.

Mississippi has a moderate climate that reaches highs of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months and in the winter; the lows tend to stay above freezing with an average of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that anyone horse riding in Mississippi shouldn?t be stopped by the weather.

Popular Breeds of Horse in Mississippi …

Mississippi offers a wide variety of horse breeds. Some of the breeds that can be found in the state include: Quarter horses, gaited horses, Standard-bred and Thoroughbred.

The most popular horse breed in Mississippi is the Quarter horse.

The Quarter horse is an American breed of horse, which dominates short distance sprints and are renowned for always winning short distance sprint trials in all competitions and horse events.

The Quarter horse is also the most common horse breed on Earth, with more than four million registered.

Horse Shows & Riding Events in Mississippi …

Mississippi offers some of the most spectacular horse riding events in the United States. These events attract thousands of entrants.

In February, the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show is held; this is the second largest quarter horse show in the country.

March offers, the Horse Work Off, which attracts over a thousand participants each year.

October offers, The National Cutting Horse Futurity, another amazing horse show popular with participants and audiences from across the USA

And, perhaps what is one of the most exciting equestrian events of the year is held in Jackson during the month of July, the National All-American Youth Barrel Racing competition.

Of course, there are also many local equestrian events and horse shows offered all over the state which makes horse riding in Mississippi a real equestrian treat.

Then there’s Mississippi’s horseback riding trails, which include the outstanding Shockaloe National Recreation Horse Trail in the Bienville National Forest.

The Natchez Trace Scenic Trail also offers riders many incomparable experiences and not forgetting the Longleaf Trace Trail, which is south Mississippi’s premier equestrian trail.

Popular Equestrian Centers in Mississippi

Mississippi also offers horse riders a number of great equestrian centers.

The largest equestrian centers in Mississippi are the Kirk Fordice Equine Center and the Mississippi Farm and Equestrian Center. The Kirk Fordice Equine Center is one of the largest equine centers in the entire southern area of the United States. Both centers offer their clients a wide range of professional and high quality services. They both offer “learn to ride” and advanced training programs and professionally run boarding services for all horse breeds.

Hidden Heights Horse Farm

Hidden Heights Horse Farm – 601 906-6883

204 Hidden Heights Road, Florence, MS 39073

Hidden Heights offers a full range of professional equine and equestrian services, including horse boarding and care, training and sales, riding lessons and horse shows in our seventy acres of lush rolling land a few miles south of I-20 in Rankin County, Mississippi

Blue Ribbon Riding Academy

Blue Ribbon Riding Academy – 601 842-0564

439 East Sowell Road, Canton, Mississippi, MS 39046

Blue Ribbon Riding Academy, BRRA, is a 20 acre full-service boarding and riding facility located in beautiful Madison County. Whether you are a beginner or have been riding for years, we will focus on helping you to achieve your equestrian goals

Horse Riding in Mississippi, USA

Mississippi offers some of the best opportunities for horse riding in the United States.

The state’s mild temperatures and plentiful national parks offer a wonderful venue for horse riders of every experience level.

If you’re looking for equestrian competitions or just general horse riding in Mississippi you will be really pleased with the options that the state has to offer. There are many horse trails to explore and horse shows, equestrian events and superb equestrian facilities in every part of Mississippi.