Horse Riding in Michigan, USA

Horse Riding in Michigan, USA

170 miles of trails & stunning scennery make horse riding in Michigan an unforgettable experience …

Michigan is in the picturesque Great Lakes region of America.

The state has some of the most impressive landscapes in the world, which makes it a perfect place for horse riding.

Besides offering amazing natural surroundings, Michigan is an ideal place for horse riding thanks to its many equestrian centers and ranches.

Michigan state parks and recreation areas provide more than 170 miles of trails with rental horses, wagon rides and a variety of other fun equestrian activities available at four South Eastern state parks.

Virginia State Flag Michigan Facts

The state of Michigan is known for having the longest freshwater shore of any political sector worldwide. Even its very name is a French alteration of the Ojibwe word ?michigama?, meaning large lake or large water.

Michigan is surrounded by four out of five of the Great Lakes, as well as Lake Saint Clair. The state also has over 65 thousand inland lakes and ponds.

The climate in Michigan varies with the southern region and central parts having mild summers and cold winters, andh the northern parts seeing short summers and very cold winters. However, horse riding is still enjoyed all year round.

Types of Horses in Michigan …

There are a lot of horse breeds in Michigan and popular breeds include the Standardbred horse, the Thoroughbred horse, the Arabian horse, the Quarter horse and the American Paint horse.

Of these horse breeds, the most popular is the thoroughbred horse, also rightfully known as the ‘King of Horses’.

This is a very elegant, tall, sleek and slender horse breed and will generally begin racing at the age of two.

The Thoroughbred horse is a direct descendent of the Arabian horse, which was imported and bred in England about 375 years ago … (see Origins of the Thoroughbred for more details)

Horse Shows & Riding Events in Michigan …

There are a great number of horse riding competitions and events taking place each year in Michigan, including the ‘ShoMe more Mooney’ competition open to all horse breeds, the ‘MJMHAY Classic’ open only to Morgan horses, and the ‘West Michigan Spring Swing’ open only to quarter horses.

Of these, the most important horse riding event is the ‘ShoMe Moore Money’ competition, which takes places twice a year, in February and January and is renowned in the state.

then there’s the Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show & Pull, the largest draft horse show and competition in North America. With the finest Percherons, Belgians, Shires and Clydesdales. The only annual event in the world to simultaneously feature halter classes, hitching, carriage, plowing, pulling and riding

Equestrian Centers & Stables in Michigan

Michigan has some of the best equestrian centers in the United States. The largest is the Nottingham Equestrian Center.

Other large equestrian centers in Michigan are the Windermere Equestrian Center, the Gaylord Equestrian Center, the Wild Wind Equestrian Center and the Banburry Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center.

All of these centers offer high quality boarding, horse care and training courses for both owners and their horses.

Nottingham Equestrian Center

Nottingham Equestrian Center – 517 351-7304

16848 Towar Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48823-1557

An holistic equine boarding and training facility, Nottingham Equestrian Center offers Stall board, Paddock board and high quality dressage and jumping instruction on both private and school horses

Wildwind Equestrian Center

Wildwind Equestrian Center – 248 486-7433

3935 West Seven Mile Road, South Lyon, MI 48178

Our Equestrian Center specializes in English riding lessons for adults and children, we are pleased to offer English Riding lessons
Lessons are taught in Hunt Seat & Hunter/Jumper, Group lessons and private lessons, Horse camps for children

Horse Riding in Michigan, USA
Michigan offers some of the most unique horse riding landscapes on earth

Horseback riding in this water-world can offer you amazing experiences that you will never forget. So, if you ever have the chance of horse riding in Michigan, you should definitely jump at it and take full advantage of the incredible opportunity.