Horse Riding in Maryland, USA

It may be a relatively small state, but Maryland offers beautiful landscapes that are perfect for horseback riding.

Maryland offers beaches, mountains and quiet countryside settings to make any horse riding in Maryland experience a memorable experience. It’s often known as America in Miniature

Maryland appreciates & understands the attraction of horses

The state provides numerous trails and parks across Maryland that offer all horseback riders ideal conditions to ride in.

Only during the winter months, of December to February, would horseback riding be limited possibly due to adverse weather conditions.

Maryland Facts

Maryland state Flag

Located just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with Virginia to the south and Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland is a state that loves their horses and takes pride in them.

Assateague Island has been turned into a National Park and Maryland works hard to preserve the herds of wild horses found there.

Types of Horses in Maryland

Maryland is home to many varieties of horses and they are found throughout the state, with numbers totalling almost ninety thousand horses.

Almost half of the horses are considered to be light breed horses consisting of mostly Quarter Horses and American Arabian Horses. These are the most popular horses used for horse riding in Maryland.

The other half of the horse types available are considered to be race breeds, with almost all of them being thoroughbreds.

A small fraction of the horses are considered draft breeds and are primarily Belgian, Clydesdales and various pony breeds.

Horse Riding Events in Maryland

Maryland hosts the Preakness, and this world famous race brings together the best horses from across the USA. The Preakness is the second best attended race in the USA.

The Preakness is by far the most popular horse riding event in Maryland and is held the third Saturday in May every year at the Pamlico Horse Track in Baltimore.

This race attracts the best horses from across the USA and is considered to be the second race in the Triple Crown series.

Apart from this Maryland also hosts the Equilibrium Dressage and the Columbia Benefit Grand Prix, both in September.

However, there are many more local horse shows which will appeal to horse riders of all interests and ages.

Top Maryland Equestrian Centers

Potomac horse center Maryland

The Potomac Horse Center

A world renowned equestrian center in Maryland. They offer lessons, clinics, training, lectures and many different trails for horse riding in Maryland. They also have at least one horse show every month showcasing client horses and the horses they train.

Prince George Equestrian Center Maryland

The Prince George Equestrian Center

another famous equestrian center found in the heart of Maryland. They offer state of the art facilities and great opportunities to train, board or ride horses.

The beautiful state of Maryland offers horse lovers a terrific opportunity to ride a wide range of horses.

From the natural wild horses found on Assateague to watching the very best horses in the USA race in the Preakness, they have it all.

With top riding centers and a vast array of trails available for horse riding in Maryland; a trip to this state will provide any horse lover with the horse riding vacation of a lifetime.