Horse Riding in Kansas, USA

Horseback Riding in Kansas, USA

Rodeo events and horse friendly state parks make horse riding in Kansas a real pleasure …

These days horseback riding is more of a recreational activity than a work related function. Although a fair quantity of riders also compete in equestrian events and enjoy the thrill of equestrian competition.

With this in mind, horse riding in Kansas is a treat for horse riders and trail riding fans due to its varied climate and fantastic landscapes.

You can ride in 24 Kansas state parks.

Kansas landscapes include rolling hills, woodlands, and cities in the east. There are also massive wheat farms, a large area called canyon country, sand dunes in the sparsely populated western high plains, and grassland hills in central Kansas.

The city of Abilene used to be the end of the Chisholm Trail, where cowboys drove longhorn cattle to market.

Dodge City, is where Wyatt Earp tried to maintain law and order when the city was a wild cattle town

Kansas State Flag About Kansas

Kansas is located in the Mid-West of the United States, and is named after the Kansa tribe. The Kansa name means “people of the south wind”.

Kansas is divided into 105 counties with 627 cities, It is the 34th American state. The climate is humid continental, with cool to cold winters and hot often humid summers.

The Kansas landscape is vast & the state is known as the "Cyclone State." The weather can change frequently. There are often violent storms, including tornadoes, hailstorms, and thundershowers. It averages over 50 tornadoes each year.

Even so, the popularity of Rodeo events and abundant horse friendly state parks make horse riding in Kansas a real pleasure.

Types & Breeds of Horse in Kansas …

If you love horse riding, Kansas is a mandatory destination if you really want to experience the excitement of saddling up.

World renowned horse breeds reside in Kansas, and include the American Cream, the Appaloosa, Andalusian, the Harlequin, Irish Draught, Marchador, Quarab, Warmblood, Walkaloosa and also more common breeds.

Kansas also maintains riding trails in various areas throughout the state including the 20-30 miles Big Hill Lake Horse Trail, and the shorter, 9.3 mile trail known as the Cimarron National Grassland.

Perry State Park has two loops. One is ten and a half miles and the other is six with plenty of hills and wooded areas. The trails are suitable for most riders.

There’s also the Shawnee Mission Park Equine Trails, set in 1250 acres of the largest park in Johnson County. About 8.3 miles of trails with parking at North Walnut Grove or at Archery Range.

Horse Shows & Equestrian Events in Kansas …

Perhaps the most renowned horse riding event taking place in the state is the EquiFest of Kansas which is a spectacular three-day exposition dedicated to both horse owners and horse riders.

There’s also the Annual ABRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW a Premier Event for Buckskins, Duns, Red Duns and Grullas

The North Fork Rodeo Camp, which includes reining, English pleasure, jumping, horsemanship, barrels, Western pleasure and English Flat.

Other equestrian events include the Kansas State University Rodeo, and the Kansas Reining Horse Association Spring Show and lots more local horse shows in every part of the state.

Popular Kansas Equestrian Centers

One popular equestrian center for horse riding enthusiasts is the Dry Creek Equestrian Center offering full services including horse training and horseback riding lessons. Alternatively, Fox Creek Farm is another top equestrian center which has created the German Riding Pony breeding program.

Dry Creek Equestrian Center – 785-587-8180 Dry Creek Equestrian center is a full service boarding facility in Manhattan, KS. We also breed, train, show and sell hunter jumper horses and are members …

Wichita Riding Academy Kansas Wichita Riding Academy – 316 651-0876

10727 E 39th St S Derby, Kansas, KS 67037

Enjoy lessons in horsemanship at all levels with opportunities to learn about caring for a horse and riding equipment, as well as stall and pasture life. Ride either English or Western, outdoors or in our indoor arena. Choose private or group instructions, camps, or clinics.

Peeper Ranch Equestrian Center Peeper Ranch – 913-422-0550

9100 Cedar Niles Road, Lenexa, KS 66227

Set on more than six hundred acres and with more than 50,000 sq. feet of indoor riding areas, Peeper Ranch is the largest equestrian facility in the Kansas City area. We offer riding lessons, superb horse boarding facilities, summer camps and breeding programs.

Trial Riding, Rodeo & Horseback Riding in Kansas, USA

Whether you’re passionate about horse riding or horses in general, horse riding in Kansas has something for every rider.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a Kansas resident, young or old, novice or expert, the wide variety of riding trails and equestrian centers coupled with the beautiful landscapes make horse riding in Kansas a truly memorable experience.