Horse Riding in Idaho, USA

Horses can be found in every US state and horse riding in Idaho is no exception.

Every state in America hosts equine activities, but horse riding in Idaho is particularly popular.

Idaho has a variable climate and rugged mountain views, as well as a wide variety of horse breeds to choose from.

In addition, there are a wide variety of horse shows and equestrian competitions in Idaho.

Idaho is also home to many equestrian centers, which meet the needs of equines and their owners. As a result, whether you are a resident or a visitor to the state, horseback riding in Idaho is a very popular activity.

Idaho State Flag

Idaho Facts

Known as the ‘Gem State’ Idaho is located in the northwestern United States, east of Washington and Oregon. Idaho also shares a border with Canada and has Boise as its capital.

Idaho’s climate can be quite warm in the summer, but also much cooler in the winter, with snow in the mountains.

The landscape of Idaho is best known for its vast undeveloped lands, pristine lakes and rivers, and soaring mountains. This beautiful scenery provides the ideal setting for horse riding in Idaho.
Horse Breeds Popular in Idaho …

In addition to its varied landscape, Idaho also has many different types of horses; some of the available breeds include Andalusians, Paints, Appaloosa’s and Friesians.

The State of Idaho adopted the Appaloosa as the state horse in 1975.

After choosing their preferred horse, many riders then explore Idaho?s numerous horse trails and the national parks that make horse riding in Idaho so enjoyable.

The Boise National Forest has many trails, including the Airline and Onion Valley.

The White Sand Creek Trail is part of the Clearwater National Forest.

There is even a group of trails known as the Ridge to Rivers Trail System.

Horse Riding Events in Idaho …

However, horse riding in Idaho isn’t restricted to trails and forests; there are many horse shows and events for both competitors and spectators.

  • The Spring Double Point Show, located in Caldwell, takes place in April.
  • The Western Idaho Fairgrounds hosts Horse Affairs, a show specializing in both English and Western styles.
  • Even young riders can compete by taking part in the 4-H State Horse Show.
  • And; The Grangeville Days Rodeo is the oldest rodeo in Idaho, attracting cowboys and thrill-seekers from all around.
Popular Equestrian Centers in Idaho …

Horse owners usually require a place to board their horses, receive instruction, or generally, to just go for a ride. Luckily, Idaho has great equestrian centers that provide all those services and more.

Dusty Acres Equestrian Center

Dusty Acres Equestrian Center – 208-336-7469

16973 S Vista Ave, Kuna, ID 83634-2762

Boise is home to the Dusty Acres Equestrian Center, where horse owners can also purchase feed grown on-site. The barn features a 100×260 indoor arena, wash area, individual tack areas, 40 12×12 stalls with 12×16 runs, and auto watering. There’s also a 100×150 jumping arena as well as an outdoor arena, another 45′ round pen.

King Equestrian Center

King’s Equestrian Center – 208-524-3115

677 York Road, Idaho Falls, Idaho, ID 83404-7660

The King Equestrian Center offers breeding services, and can be found in Idaho Falls. We specialize in reining and working cow horses and have owned several world and national champions. We offer a complete breeding facility with on-call veterinarians and certified personnel.

Appaloosa Horse Club

Appaloosa Horse Club – 208 882-5578

2720 West Pullman Road, Moscow, Idaho, ID 83843

The Appaloosa Horse Club is located in Moscow, Idaho in the heart of the Palouse region of the Northwest. More than 700,000 Appaloosas have been registered since the ApHC’s founding in 1938. The ApHC offers excellent trail rides that take horse riders into some of the most historical and beautiful areas of America.

Idaho is the ideal place for horseback riding for many reasons.

With its pleasant climate and diverse scenery, Idaho provides a glorious setting for riders to enjoy a trail ride. Idaho also offers plenty of national forests and trails to explore.

Horse owners will easily find horse shows tailored to their interests and abilities, and equestrian centers are located statewide to meet the needs of both horse and rider.