Horse Riding in Arizona, USA

Horseback Riding in Arizona, USA

Wide open spaces and excellent equestrian facilities make horse riding in Arizona a must do.

Among the pastimes that have remained popular throughout the years few are as enduring as horseback riding in Arizona.

With a great many Arizona residents simply riding horses as a form of recreation and more in competitive equestrian sports.

Sure, equestrian activities can be found in each of the fifty US states, but Arizona is exceptional.

Horse riding in Arizona is popular for many reasons; the varied landscape, the wide variety of riding facilities and because of the many horse breeds available.

Additionally, Arizona has a wide-ranging climate, an excellent number of horse shows and equestrian events, and more than enough equestrian centers for horse training and boarding.

Top Arizona Equestrian Centers & Riding Facilities

Domestic horses will always need a place to be boarded, and riders require good equestrian facilities where they can train themselves and their horse. Arizona provides many equestrian centers to serve the needs of its riders and their steeds.

Doubletake Equestrian Center Arizona

Doubletake Equestrian Center – (520) 731-6221

11350 East Old Vail Road, Tucson, AZ 85747

Tuscon’s Doubletake Equestrian Center provides USHJA certified training and full care horse boarding, equitation, riding instruction and hunter-jumper instruction.

Buckeye Equestrian Center Arizona

Buckeye Equestrian Center – (623) 691-6900

10300 South Miller Road, Buckeye, Arixona, AZ 85326

In central Arizona the Buckeye Equestrian Center provides services for riders in the Phoenix area. This large facility includes two large covered arenas including the largest arena in Arizona. Two fully equipped roping arenas and seven outdoor arenas.

Residents of northern Arizona can utilize the Flagstaff Equestrian Center.

But, no matter where you are, plentiful equestrian centers make horse riding in Arizona simple and easy to enjoy.

Arizona State Flag
Arizona Facts

Arizona is located in the southwestern United States, and is home to the Grand Canyon and Arizona’s capital is Phoenix.

Arizona has national forests and Native American reservations, snow-covered mountains, and dry deserts. Because it has such a varied landscape the climate can range from very mild in the desert valleys to much colder in the mountains.

However, since most of Arizona is desert it is mostly warm in the daytime and much cooler in the evenings. The state also receives little rain, which makes horse riding in Arizona ideal.

Types of Horses in Arizona …

Arizona boasts many types of horses for every equestrians prefered choice of steed.

Some of the different breeds found in Arizona include Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Lusitanos, Andalusians, Paints, and Arabians.

But, regardless of the type of horse each rider prefers, there is a vast array of riding trails to choose from.

Apache National Forest is home to many trails, including the Blue Ridge and Buena Vista.

In the Coronado National forest, horse riders can traverse the Old Baldy, and others trial rides.

Other national forests, such as the Prescott and the Tonto, also boast trails suitable for horse riding in Arizona.

Horse Riding Events in Arizona …

However, trails are not the only way to enjoy horse riding in Arizona; the state is home to several equestrian events as well.

Equestrian thrill-seekers will find rodeos available all year-round, including the famed Tuscon Rodeo and Parade.

The Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has been in existence for over 50 years.

Many different breeds can compete in the Arizona National Saddlebred Horse Show, held in January at the Arizona Livestock Show.

And; there are also competitions available for younger equestrians, such as the State 4-H Horse Show, held during the Arizona State Fair.

It is easy to see why horseback riding is so popular in Arizona.

Arizona State Flag

The states warm dry climate and varied landscape along with its plentiful national forests and trails, work to create the ideal setting for equestrian pursuits.

Arizona’s wide variety of horse breeds and horse-related events provide ample opportunity to take part in equestrian pursuits.

And finally ample equestrian centers are available to meet the needs of both the horse & rider. Plentiful resources that will make sure horseback riding in Arizona will always be a popular activity.